10 Facts about Agricultural Production

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Facts about Agricultural Production talk about the production of crop from year to year. In United States alone, there are 10 billion land animals raised by the farmers to produce eggs, meat and dairy products. The farms are often operated by family corporations, family partnerships or even individuals. Check out the interesting facts about Agricultural production by reading the following post below:

Facts about Agricultural Production 1: to keep the crop production high

The farmers can enjoy high amount of crops every year if they know the way to process and operate their farm professionally. There are several things that they should concern such as the irrigation, pesticides, herbicides, fertility of the soil, increased plan density and many more.

Facts about Agricultural Production 2: why is productivity important?

Productivity in a farm is very important. Many people depend on their financial situation on the field. Moreover, it can provide enough food and stabilize the labor migration.

Agricultural Production Facts

Agricultural Production Facts

Facts about Agricultural Production 3: United States Agricultural productivity

Let’s talk about the productivity of Agriculture in United States.  It rose so fast in 1950 till 2000 due to the invention of various technologies in agriculture. Thus, this era was called as the second agricultural revolution in modern time. Find out facts about agricultural engineering here.

Facts about Agricultural Production 4: the milk

At that time, the milk produced by each cow is increased from 5,314 pounds to 18,201 pounds.

Agricultural Production Image

Agricultural Production Image

Facts about Agricultural Production 5: a productive farm

The farmers who live in non industrial countries think that a productive farm is very important for them.  The farm can give them healing plants, fuel, fiber, food and many more.

Facts about Agricultural Production 6: food and fiber

It is estimated that the food and fiber in United States were produced, processed and sold by over 21 million American people. It occupies 15 percent of the total workers in the country.

Agricultural Production Pictures

Agricultural Production Pictures

Facts about Agricultural Production 7: fewer input and more output

The farmers today can enjoy more productivity on their crops due to the advanced invention in agriculture. With 2 percent fewer input, they can generate 262 percent more food. The inputs include the feed, fertilizer, seeds and labor.

Facts about Agricultural Production 8: export

When a country has more agricultural products, they will be sold to other parts of the world. The American agricultural products with the value of $115 billion were exported in 2010.

Agricultural Production

Agricultural Production

Facts about Agricultural Production 9: habitat of wildlife

More than 50 percent of the farmers in America give wildlife a habitat to live. Find out facts about agriculture here.

Facts about Agricultural Production 10: countor farming

The slope of the land is a favorite place for the famers to do contour farming. They can protect the soil and converse the water.

Facts about Agricultural Production

Facts about Agricultural Production

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