10 Facts about Agriculture

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Facts about Agriculture show you the history of farming, development and new technology in the agricultural sector. Agriculture began for the first time in 10,000 BC. People call it as the first agricultural revolution. At that time, the nomadic people began to farm the land.

Facts about Agriculture 1: the founder crops

There were eight crops called as the founder crops which began to farm by the nomadic tribes. Those crops included peas, hulled barley, einkorn wheat, emmer wheat, bitter vetch, chick peas, and flax.

Facts about Agriculture 2: Subsistence farmers

Subsistence farmers grew the crops on the land used to meet their daily need for food. They grew crops without any intention to sell it in the market. Check out aboriginal food facts to know the way the indigenous people gather the food.

Agriculture Facts

Agriculture Facts

Facts about Agriculture 3: figs

Can you guess the first fruit cultivated in the world? It was a fig.  The history states that the fruit was farmed for the first time between 6000 till 3000 BC.

Facts about Agriculture 4: Mary Isabel Fraser

Mary Isabel Fraser was the woman who brought the seeds of Kiwi to New Zealand. She got the kiwi seeds when she visited China in the beginning of 1900s. In 1910, she grew the first crop of kiwi in New Zealand. It seems that this fruit became popular. Today the producer which covers 1/3 of kiwi production in the world is New Zealand.

Agriculture Pictures

Agriculture Pictures

Facts about Agriculture 5: the most popular fruit crop

Can you guess the most popular fruit crop? It is banana.  In the overall crops, banana is located in the fourth position after wheat, rice and corn.

Facts about Agriculture 6: growing banana

Banana is grown in more than 100 countries in the world. The top producers of banana in the world include Philippines, China and Equator.

Agriculture Today

Agriculture Today

Facts about Agriculture 7: apples

Apple is another popular fruit to farm in the world. The biggest producers of apples are China, United States, and Iran, Turkey, Russia and Italy. There are at least 6000 varieties of apples produced in the world.

Facts about Agriculture 8: cotton

Cotton is a great commodity. It is estimated the cotton farm occupies 2.4 percent of the land in the world. But it is also responsible for global sales of 11 till 24 percent of pesticides and insecticides.



Facts about Agriculture 9: bees

Bees are important in agriculture. Do you know that bees are the pollinators for more 100 agricultural crops in United States?

Facts about Agriculture 10: farms in United States

You can find at least 22 million farms in United States.

Facts about Agriculture

Facts about Agriculture

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