10 Facts about Air Balloons

Wednesday, May 6th 2015. | Transportation

Facts about Air Balloons talk about one of the important means of air transportation. The hot air balloon is called as the first flight technology which carried human being for long time ago. But the unmanned one actually was floating on the sky for thousand years ago. The burner on the air balloons is used as the heat source which can make this item floating on the sky. The top part is called as envelope. Here are other interesting facts about air balloons for you:

Facts about Air Balloons 1: the burner

To produce the open flame, the mix of air and liquid propane is needed in the burner.  This air balloon can fly on the sky because the lower density is occurred in the hot air inside the envelope than the outside air.

Facts about Air Balloons 2: the passengers

The air balloons can take the passengers because it carries a wicker basket located below the envelope.

Air Balloon Colors

Air Balloon Colors

Facts about Air Balloons 3: the envelope

Most air balloons are equipped with standard shaped envelope which resembles the look of a simple balloon. But you can find out some envelopes created in unique shapes. It can be used to resemble the cartoon characters, animals or funny objects.

Facts about Air Balloons 4: the speed

The speed of ascent or descent can be controlled by the pilot through a vent located at the top of the balloon.

Air Balloons

Air Balloons

Facts about Air Balloons 5: the height of the flight

You can take the air balloons to travel in a very high elevation. The world record for the highest hot air balloon was in the height of 68,900 feet or 21,000 meters. If you decide to reach that height, ensure that you take oxygen supply.   You will need oxygen if you fly in the height at 16,400 feet or 5,000 metres. Get facts about aircraft here.

Facts about Air Balloons 6: the temperature

The temperature inside the burner of hot air balloon usually is around 248 F or 120 C. The melting point of a nylon made envelope is around 446 F or 230 C. Therefore, the envelope will never get burned.

Air Balloon Pictures

Air Balloon Pictures

Facts about Air Balloons 7: the interesting air balloon destination

There are various destinations in the world with great festival of hot air balloons. The locations include Luxor in Egypt, Albuquerque in New Mexico, Cappadocia in Turkey and Serengeti in Tanzania.

Facts about Air Balloons 8: The first untethered manned hot air balloon flight

One 21 November 1783, Jean-François Pilâtre de Rozier and François Laurent d’Arlandes performed the first untethered manned hot air balloon flight in Paris, France.

Air Balloon Facts

Air Balloon Facts

Facts about Air Balloons 9: Ed Yost

Ed Yost developed the modern hot air balloons in 1950s. It featured an aboard heat source. Get facts about airships here.

Facts about Air Balloons 10: the modern hot air balloon

Bristol Belle was the first modern hot air balloon produced in 1967 in UK.

Facts about Air Balloons

Facts about Air Balloons

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