10 Facts about Air Conditioning

Wednesday, December 3rd 2014. | Technology

If you like to know the technology and interesting features behind an air-conditioning, check out the Facts about Air Conditioning below.  When the summer season comes, you will feel hot. If you turn on the AC, it can make you feel cool. People love air conditioning during the summer season.  But the people who live in a cold country do not need this stuff.

Facts about Air Conditioning 1: medication

Many people think that air conditioning is only used to make human being feel cool. Actually there are some medications that can only be made inside a cool environment. If we do not have air conditioning, it will be impossible for the scientists to make certain medication.

Facts about Air Conditioning 2: movie theaters

One of the public places equipped with air conditioning is movie theaters. People will feel very hot when they want to enjoy the summer blockbuster in the movie theater.

Air Conditioning at Home

Air Conditioning at Home

Facts about Air Conditioning 3: energy

We have to use electricity to power the air conditioning. In United, the total amount of energy used to power AC has equal amount of energy used to power the entire African continent.

Facts about Air Conditioning 4: the traditional AC

Before the invention of the modern Air Conditioning, people can keep a room cool by using big blocks of ice. When the AC is on the market, people never use the block of ice again.


Air Conditioning Pictures

Air Conditioning Pictures

Facts about Air Conditioning 5: the summer vacation

Kids will love to thank to the inventor of AC since they can enjoy the summer vacation in cool environment.

Facts about Air Conditioning 6: Willis Carrier

Willis Carrier was the first inventor of air conditioner. He did it in 1902. The main purpose of his creation is to keep his ink from running and his paper from expanding since he worked in a publishing company.

Air Conditioning Installation

Air Conditioning Installation

Facts about Air Conditioning 7: heat tolerance

The invention of air conditioning can give positive and negative impact too. You can feel the cool temperature during the summer season. But the tolerance of our body to the heat is getting lowered.

Facts about Air Conditioning 8: invention of a rotary fan in China

China had an invention of a 10-foot rotary fan in 180 AD. It was made by a Chinese artisan who connected the fan with seven wheels. The fan was able to cool all people in a hall. Find out another invention of technology in agricultural engineering facts.

Air Conditioning Facts

Air Conditioning Facts

Facts about Air Conditioning 9: the population growth

Before the invention of air conditioning, the powerhouse economy was located in Northeast. In 1960s, Nevada, Arizona, Florida and Texas are growing.

Facts about Air Conditioning 10: the AC in cars

Air conditioning is not only found in a house, but also in a car. The first car company included AC inside their cars is Packard.

Facts about Air Conditioning

Facts about Air Conditioning

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