10 Facts about Air Pollution

Thursday, December 4th 2014. | Environment

Facts about Air Pollution elaborate the horrible reality that our earth is affected much by the hazardous air. The health of the people who live in the region with high air pollution is at stake. Moreover, the environment is also ruined. You can check that the animals and plants are decreased from time to time. Get more ideas about air pollution by reading the following post below:

Facts about Air Pollution 1: definition of air pollution

Let’s define the air pollution first.   The air pollution occurs when the atmosphere contains the particles, chemicals or biological materials which can damage the living organism, environment and cause disease to human being.

Facts about Air Pollution 2: the particles

You are wrong if you think that only gases which make up the air pollution. It also contains solid particles. The air is polluted if it has significant amount of harmful fumes, dust, odor and gases.

Air Pollution Pictures

Air Pollution Pictures

Facts about Air Pollution 3: the human life

Air pollution can create discomfort on human life. It can reduce the life expectancy for around 1 until 2 years if you always inhale the polluted air.

Facts about Air Pollution 4: breathing

There are at least 2 gallons of air per minutes that an American person breathes. In average, an American person breathes 3400 gallons of air.

Air Pollution

Air Pollution

Facts about Air Pollution 5: the most harmful one

The air pollution is considered as the most harmful type of pollution if you compare it with water or land pollution. It is due to the fact that the pollutants are released in the air that you breathe every second.

Facts about Air Pollution 6: the negative effect

The negative effect of air pollution is not only seen in breathing problems.  The people often face the itchy throat and burning eyes.

Air Pollution and Cars

Air Pollution and Cars

Facts about Air Pollution 7: Beijing

China is one of the countries with great air pollution. It has a lot of factories. Beijing cough is a new disease found in Beijing due to the high intensity of air pollution. Get facts about Air Pollution in China here.

Facts about Air Pollution 8: Great Smog of London

Actually air pollution was concerned in the past too. There were 8000 people killed during the Great Smog of London in 1952.


Air Pollution and Factories

Air Pollution and Factories

Facts about Air Pollution 9: the electric vehicles

If you want to go green, the electric vehicles can be a good option rather than the gasoline fueled vehicles.

Facts about Air Pollution 10: the heavy crude oil

The chances of having 40 percent more of air pollution can be seen when the industries produce heavy crude oil.

Facts about  Air Pollution

Facts about Air Pollution

Air pollution can bring death to human being. In Asia, it is called as the fastest leading cause of death. Do you want to comment on facts about air pollution?

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