10 Facts about Air Pressure

Thursday, December 4th 2014. | Physics

Facts about air pressure give the interesting ideas that the light particle, air can present a big pressure.  The air pressure comes in all directions at the ground level.  If the force is very big, it can give a bad impact to the surrounding area.  For example, if the air pressure is more than 1 kilogram per square km, it is equal with a big elephant standing on a table. Here are some facts about air pressure for you:

Facts about Air Pressure 1: variations

There is no stagnant air pressure. It is different if the places and time are different. The people who live in the arctic will experience a different air pressure when living in Africa.

Facts about Air Pressure 2: barometer

Barometer is a tool used to measure air pressure.   It will be measured in milibars. Barometers are very important for the people who work in a weather forecasting. It enables the people to estimate the weather through the changes of air pressure.

Air Pressure Barometer

Air Pressure Barometer

Facts about Air Pressure 3: zones

There are two zones of air pressure. Anticyclones are used to call the high pressure zones. Cyclones or depression are used to call the low pressure zones.

Facts about Air Pressure 4: the normal air pressure

Let’s check out the normal air pressure at the sea level. It is usually at 1013 mb. However, the air pressure can also vary between 800 milibars to 1050 milibars.

Air Pressure Facts

Air Pressure Facts

Facts about Air Pressure 5: the study high pressure

You should be happy if the weather has the steady high pressure. It refers to the clear weather.  How do we know that? When the air is sunk, it means that there is no cloud forming.

Facts about Air Pressure 6: the low pressure zones

A depression in the low pressure zones often indicates the stormy weather. You have to be careful with it.

Air Pressure Pictures

Air Pressure Pictures

Facts about Air Pressure 7: Evangelista Toricelli

Who is Evangelista Toricelli? She was the first person who invented a barometer in 1644. Today, barometers are mostly used to know the changes of air pressure. Learn about air resistance facts here.

Facts about Air Pressure 8: satellite pictures

With the development of technology today, people can check out the satellite pictures when they want to know if there is any stormy weather. It is often represented with a spiral of clouds.

Air Pressure Principle

Air Pressure Principle

Facts about Air Pressure 9: mercury

Mercury is used in a barometer in a glass column just like thermometer.  If you find out the mercury in the barometer hardly moves more than 0.5 inch, it means that the weather is calm.

Facts about Air Pressure 10: altitude

The altitude also affects the air pressure. When you move to a higher place such as a hill or mountain, you can get a decreased air pressure.

Facts about Air Pressure

Facts about Air Pressure

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