10 Facts about Air Raids

Friday, December 5th 2014. | Military

Facts about Air Raids provide the interesting information about the air strike. The military aircrafts will be used to create an air strike on the enemy. The military aircraft will try to destroy the helicopters, bombers, fighters, and ground attack aircraft. Find out more air raid facts below:

Facts about Air Raids 1: air strike

The air strike is often defined with the attack on all targets. But some people often it for the specific purpose. It is used to define the small scale attack on the naval or ground target.

Facts about Air Raids 2: the weapons

There are various kinds of weapons used in the air raids.  The military could use different kinds of bombs, machine gun bullets and missiles.  The trained observers will control the coordination during the air raids.

Air Raid Facts

Air Raid Facts

Facts about Air Raids 3: the first air raid

The first air raid was conducted by an Italian aviator in the Italo-Turkish War.  He was Second Lieutenant Giulio Gavotti who dropped 4 bombs on Turkish held oases in Libya on 1 November 1911.

Facts about Air Raids 4: Air raids in World War I

The air raids then were used n World War I and other kinds of war. The British Royal Flying Corps dropped bombs on the rail communication in Germany at the Battele of Neuve Chapelle in 1915.

Air Raid In The Past

Air Raid In The Past

Facts about Air Raids 5: precision-guided munitions

The first development of precision-guided munitions was seen for the first time during World War II. The German military can apply it well. It gave the precision of target attack on air.

Facts about Air Raids 6: collateral damage

Collateral damage is another popular term when people talk about air raid.  The air raid killed, and injured the non combatants or even allies. The non military buildings were destroyed too.

Air Raid Victims

Air Raid Victims

Facts about Air Raids 7: negative effect or air raid

The air raid gives negative impact when it killed the civilians and destroyed the public facilities.

Facts about Air Raids 8: the advantageous effect

The advantageous effect that the military can have is that the air raid can damage the nearby enemy installation, facilities and troops.

Air Raid

Air Raid

Facts about Air Raids 9: Azizabad airstrike

One of the recent air raids was Azizabad airstrike. It occurred in the village of Azizabad in Afghanistan on 22 August 2008. There were around 78 or 92 people died in the incident. Most structures in the village were damaged.

Facts about Air Raids 10: Kunduz airstrike

Another air raid also occurred in Afghanistan in Kunduz province on 4 September 2009. There were two fuel tanks captured by Taliban struck by the American fighter jet. There were 90 civilian killed during the incident. Get facts about aircraft here.

Facts about Air Raids

Facts about Air Raids

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