10 Facts about Airbrushing

Monday, December 1st 2014. | Arts

If you want to know the way to create a unique art, gets Facts about Airbrushing. You can get an airbrush in various kinds of stores. This small air operated tool can be used to spray paint color. You can fill it with dye or even ink. But many people fill it with paint by using mobilization process.  Here are some interesting facts about airbrushing for you:

Facts about Airbrushing 1: spray gun

Have you ever used a spray gun?  Do you know that actually it is a type of an airbrush? The model was very much inspired from an airbrush.

Facts about Airbrushing 2: the first airbrush

Francis Edgar Stanley who came from Newton, Massachusetts got the first patent of an airbrush in 1876. His Patent Number is 182,389.

Airbrushing Facts

Airbrushing Facts

Facts about Airbrushing 3: Stanley Dry Plate Company

Stanley Dry Plate Company was created by Stanley and his twin brother.  Both also made an invention for the continuously coating photographic process.  Their company is also famous because of the Stanley Steamer.

Facts about Airbrushing 4: Abner Peeler

Abner Peeler was the inventor who developed an instrument called paint distributor.  This instrument is equipped with a hand operated compressor. The main usage for this paint distributor is for painting watercolors and other artistic purposes.

Airbrushing Motorcycle

Airbrushing Motorcycle

Facts about Airbrushing 5: Fountain Brush Company

Fountain Brush Company was established in United States by Burdick.  The first series of air brushes was released on the market by this company.

Facts about Airbrushing 6: Badger Air-Brush

Another company manufacturing high quality airbrush compressor, tolls and guns outside Franklin Park, Illinois was Badger Air-Brush.

Airbrushing Picture

Airbrushing Picture

Facts about Airbrushing 7: mediums

There are various kinds of mediums that people can use in the airbrush. You can use the silicon based, water based and alcohol based mediums. Check out Abstract expressionist facts to know the arts of airbrushing.

Facts about Airbrushing 8: the alcohol based medium

If you want to enjoy waterproof makeup, the alcohol based medium is the best option.  It has opaque color and can last longer.  However, it can make the skin itchy and dry.



Facts about Airbrushing 9: Temporary tattoo

Airbrush is not only great to make a painting on a canvas. Some people also use this tool to create a temporary airbrush tattoos. The stencil will be used to spray the ink onto the skin.  The tattoos can last for two weeks or more. It will never make you painful or even uncomfortable when you follow the process.

Facts about Airbrushing 10: tanning

The men and women who want to enjoy a tanning skin can have the airbrush tanning process.  People promote the airbrush tanning as a safer way than having the sun exposure under the sunlight.

Facts about Airbrushing

Facts about Airbrushing

Are you impressed with facts about airbrush?

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