10 Facts about Airbus

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If you want to know one of the famous airplanes in the world, read the following post on facts about Airbus. Have you ever been in an Airbus before? In 2004, the design of Airbus A350 XWB was introduced for the first time. Based on the customer feedback, it was redesigned again. In July 2006, it was officially shown to the world. Here are some interesting facts about Airbus:

Facts about Airbus 1: the green aircraft

The design of Airbus XWB implies the eco efficient features.  It allows the people to enjoy the green technology on the extra wide body/ XWB aircraft.

Facts about Airbus 2: the air management system

You have to check out the air management system if you want to know the green technology used inside the Airbus. The temperature is consistent because the air will be charged every 2 or 3 minutes.

Airbus Big

Airbus Big

Facts about Airbus 3: fuel capacity

This Airbus also has great fuel efficiency. With enough fuel on the airplane, it can fly for 3.5 times to New York City from San Francisco.

Facts about Airbus 4: the mood

You can enjoy different mood inside the place since it is equipped with full LED lighting system.  It can create more than 16 million colors.

Airbus Flies

Airbus Flies

Facts about Airbus 5: three different airbuses

There are three different Airbuses made. People call those airplanes as a family. They include the A350-1000, A350-900 and A350-800.

Facts about Airbus 6: passengers

Airbus is a very big passenger airplane. The available seat for the passengers is up to 500 units. In its jetliner category, this airplane gives the passengers with the widest seats. If you want to know the passenger’s airplane, get facts about aerospace engineering here.

Airbus Picture

Airbus Picture

Facts about Airbus 7: height

The Airbus is very high. It can reach the height at 55 feet. It is equal with the height of a five story building.

Facts about Airbus 8: cost

If you want to get your own private Airbus, you just have to prepare the cash around $254 till $332 million. Is that expensive for a big and wide plane?

Facts about Airbus

Facts about Airbus

Facts about Airbus 9: the weight

Let’s find out the weight of an Airbus? It can reach 221 tons.  The weight of the airplane is equal with the weight of 24 adult elephants. Learn more facts about aeroplanes here.

Facts about Airbus 10: purchasing

Until today there are 812 Airbus A350 XWBs that have been purchased by 39 different airplanes in the world. The country with the highest purchase is Qatar. The country bought 80 units of A350 Airbus.

Airbus Pictures

Airbus Pictures

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