10 Facts about Aircraft Carriers

Tuesday, December 2nd 2014. | Transportation

Let’s check out one important mean of transportation in Facts about Aircraft Carriers. The aircraft carrier has been used until this present day. Do you know that Japanese Navy had aircraft carriers during World War II?  The Japanese navy was able to take aircraft underwater. Therefore, they remained undetected. Here are some interesting facts about aircraft carriers for you:

Facts about Aircraft Carriers 1: the United States aircraft carrier

Let’s talk about the powerful air force for an aircraft carrier.  Do you know that a United States aircraft carrier is more powerful if you compare it with other aircraft carriers in other countries?

Facts about Aircraft Carriers 2: Brazil

Brazil also had an aircraft carrier. Once, this country tried to sell it on eBay.

Aircraft Carrier Facts

Aircraft Carrier Facts

Facts about Aircraft Carriers 3: a French name

Ferdinand Foch is a name of an aircraft carrier in France. It is very interesting to know that the French people make it look like a name of a toy. Check out facts about aircraft here.

Facts about Aircraft Carriers 4: Nimitz-class aircraft carrier

It is a surprising fact to know that Nimitz-class aircraft carrier can be operated without refueling for 20 years.  If you look at the aircraft in United States, the country has to spend at least $7 million each day to operate the newest class of aircraft carrier.

Aircraft Carrier Image

Aircraft Carrier Image

Facts about Aircraft Carriers 5: The US Navy

Not only the Japanese navy who had aircraft carriers during the World War II. United States also had it.  The main function of the two firewater aircraft carriers that United States had was used to train their pilots on Great lakes during World War II.

Facts about Aircraft Carriers 6: a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier

Nuclear energy is very functional and beneficial to power anything.  But the risk of using nuclear system is very high. Besides United States, another country which has a nuclear powered aircraft carrier is only France.

Aircraft Carrier

Aircraft Carrier

Facts about Aircraft Carriers 7: First Aircraft Carrier

A businessman bought an aircraft carrier from Ukraine. In 1998, the aircraft was transformed into a floating casino. Is it weird?

Facts about Aircraft Carriers 8: British plan

Britain had a unique plan for producing an aircraft carrier created from ice and wood pulp in World War II. It seems that the plan was dismissed.

Aircraft Carriers

Aircraft Carriers

Facts about Aircraft Carriers 9: Top Gun

Top Gun is one of the box office movies of Tom Cruise. To have an aircraft carrier turned for a 5 minute shot on the movie, the director Tony Scott had to pay $25K.  The aircraft should be turned around so that the director can get sufficient back lighting from the sun.

Facts about Aircraft Carriers 10: C-130 Hercules

Do you know that C-130 Hercules can take off and land inside on an aircraft carrier?

Facts about Aircraft Carriers

Facts about Aircraft Carriers

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