10 Facts about Airplanes

Tuesday, December 2nd 2014. | Transportation

Facts about Airplanes inform you with one fixed wing aircraft powered by propeller or a jet engine. There are many types of airplanes in the world. It can be seen on the body shapes, sizes and wing types. Find out more airplanes by reading the following post below:

Facts about Airplanes 1: usage of airplanes

If you think that an airplane is only used for transporting people, you are wrong. It can be used for research, military purpose, and transporting goods.

Facts about Airplanes 2: who controls the airplane?

Most airplanes are controlled by a pilot. But it can be controlled by computer for the unnamed airplanes. Check out Airbus facts to know the passenger airplane.

Airplane Facts

Airplane Facts

Facts about Airplanes 3: the modern airplane

The concept of the modern airplane was proposed by Sir George Cayley in 1799. In 1803, this man built and flew a fixed wing aircraft. In 1853, this man created a successful passenger carrying glider.

Facts about Airplanes 4: Otto Lilienthal

Otto Lilienthal is called as the pioneer of human aviation. He came from Germany. He contributed a lot to the development of the heavier than flight between 1867 and 1896. In 1903, people were amazed with the Wright brothers who could fly the successful simple airplane.

Airplane Wings

Airplane Wings

Facts about Airplanes 5: development of aircraft technology

The airplane technology is developed since World War I. If you check World War II, there were many planes used in the battle. These planes were different with the passenger airplanes.

Facts about Airplanes 6: the first jet aircraft

Can you tell me the first jet aircraft built in the world?  In 1939, the German Heinkel He was called as the first jet aircraft.



Facts about Airplanes 7: the de Havilland Comet

The de Havilland Comet is called as the first jet airliner. It was made in 1952. The first successful commercial jet airplane is taken by Boeing 707. It was operated in 1958 till 2010.

Facts about Airplanes 8: Me 163 Komet rocket-powered aircraft

Me 163 Komet rocket-powered aircraft was deployed by the Germans during the World War II. The Bell X-1 is called as the first plane which can break the sound barrier.

Airplanes Pictures

Airplanes Pictures

Facts about Airplanes 9: the construction of airplanes

The construction of an airplane is not easy. The engineers have to spend at least four years to get it done.  Most constructed airplanes in the world are the passenger planes.  The large airplanes are more favorable for they can be used to accommodate more passengers on board.

Facts about Airplanes 10: the design specification

The design specification should be determined based on the objectives of the airplane. The company manufacturing and constructing the airplanes will create an equation, drawing, wind tunnel test or even simulation. Don’t forget to check the famous runway in Airport facts.

Facts about Airplanes

Facts about Airplanes

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