10 Facts about Airport Security

Wednesday, December 3rd 2014. | Transportation

Facts about Airport Security discuss the methods and techniques to protect the aircraft, staffs and passengers. The security involves with the protections against threats, crime, malicious harm and accidental harm.  Here are some amazing airport security facts for you:

Facts about Airport Security 1: subject of crime and terrorism

The airport can be a good subject for crime and terrorism because people will gather here when they want to travel to other cities or countries. Every day, there are a lot of people passing the airport.

Facts about Airport Security 2: a hijacked plane

The risk of hijacked plane is high since the aircraft can be used as a lethal weapon by the terrorists. I believe that you still remember the tragedy of September 11 in United States?

Airport Security Facts

Airport Security Facts

Facts about Airport Security 3: the main function of airport security

Can you tell me the main function or purpose of airport security? It is used to prevent any dangerous situation entering the aircraft.  The security can protect the country and airport from any threats.

Facts about Airport Security 4: Australian Federal Police

The airport security in Australia is the responsibility of Australian Federal Police.  Other countries sometimes have an agency to handle the security checks.

Airport Security Image

Airport Security Image

Facts about Airport Security 5: metal detectors

One of the common airport security tools is a metal detector. It is used to screen the passengers just in case that they carry weapons before entering the airplanes.

Facts about Airport Security 6: Explosive detection machines

The airport security checks sometimes use the puffer machines or explosive trace detection portal machines.  Others often use explosive detection machines.

Airport Security Picture

Airport Security Picture

Facts about Airport Security 7: airport food outlets

Most outlets that you can see in airports serve the people with plastic glasses and utensils. The utensils from metal and glasses from glass are not used anymore to avoid any risk of having the glass and metal used as the weapons.

Facts about Airport Security 8: the US non passengers

Before the September 11, 2001 attack, the non passengers in United States were allowed to meet their relatives, families or friends at the gate. Now it is forbidden. Find out more airport facts here.

Airport Security

Airport Security

Facts about Airport Security 9: a gate pass

The non passengers can pass the gate if the own a gate pass. It allows them to enter the secure area in the airport. The gate pass is given to the non passengers just in case that they want to assist the elderly people, disabled people or children.

Facts about Airport Security 10: the first terrorist attack

There were 73 people killed during a terrorist attack in Cubana Flight 455.

Facts about Airport Security

Facts about Airport Security

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