10 Facts about Airports

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Facts about Airports tell you the interesting ideas in famous airports in the world.  When you want to cut the time of traveling from one place to other places, it will be better if you take an airplane. However, the traveling time can be ruined when you have to do a strict security check.  Find out some fun facts about airport by reading the following post below:

Facts about Airports 1: a license

Today a license is needed when you want to fly goods or people. But in 1920s, the people in United Kingdom did not need to have a license. They did not have to pass any test on flight.

Facts about Airports 2: the air traffic control

Today, the pilots depend on the technology. The air traffic control makes them more comfortable when they fly a plane. In the early time of flight, the pilots had to keep the eyes to notice other airplanes. Find facts about aircraft here.

Airport Image

Airport Image

Facts about Airports 3: Changi airport

If you go to Singapore using a plane, you must be landed to Changi airport. You have to go to the roof since it has a swimming pool on the top.

Facts about Airports 4: waiting time

Waiting in an airport is a horrible condition especially if your flight is delayed. Actually the people have to wait at least 16 minutes in a large airport before they take off.

Airports Pictures

Airports Pictures

Facts about Airports 5: the airports in United States

It seems that United States transportation depends on aviation. Do you know that 1/3 of all airports in the world are located in the country?

Facts about Airports 6: Dubai Airport

The function of airport changes today. It is not only used as a place to transport people. You can find a lot of interesting features inside an airport such as shopping mall, café, restaurant and swimming pool. The largest airport with duty free section is located in Dubai Airport.  The shopping space is 161,000 square feet.



Facts about Airports 7: the runway

The runway of an airport is very important to decide.   Not all airports can handle the large and big airplanes since they need a very long runway. For example, The Antonov AN225 can only take off in a 4 km runway. Get facts about airplanes here.

Facts about Airports 8: Glycol

When the winter season comes, the runway for the airplanes to take off is filled with a lot of ice and snow. To avoid the magazines getting contact with ice and snow, glycol will be used to de-ice the runways.

Airport Security

Airport Security

Facts about Airports 9: Hartsfield-Jackson Airport

Hartsfield-Jackson Airport is an airport located in Atlanta, United States. It takes the record as the busiest commercial airport in the world. In a year, it handles 970,000 airplanes movements.

Facts about Airports 10: Sydney Airport

The record of the oldest continuously operating commercial airport in the world is claimed by Sydney Airport. The airport has been operated since January 1920s.

Facts about Airports

Facts about Airports

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