10 Facts about Airships

Wednesday, December 3rd 2014. | Transportation

Check out another mean of transportation in Facts about Airships. An airship has its own power which can be navigated through the air.  It is an example of a lighter than air aircraft or an aerostat. It can fly on the sky because the airship is equipped with a large gas bags filled with a lifting gas.  Here are some interesting facts about airships for you:

Facts about Airships 1: hydrogen

In the early development of airships, hydrogen was used as the lifting gas. This gas is abundant and can give high lifting capacity.

Facts about Airships 2: helium

Actually people can use helium as the lifting gas but it is very expensive and rare. But helium is very beneficial since it is non flammable and has the similar lifting capacity of hydrogen. Check out facts about aircraft.

Airship Models

Airship Models

Facts about Airships 3: Helium in United States

The helium in United States was discovered in significant amount.  Therefore, people decide to use helium rather than using hydrogen.  In 1960s, most airships in the world have been filled with helium. Others are equipped with hot air.

Facts about Airships 4: the outer envelope

One of the main features in airship is the outer envelope. It can be made from a single gas bag.  Other features include the payload accommodation and engines.

Airship Pictures

Airship Pictures

Facts about Airships 5: types of airships

There are three main types of airships. Those are the rigid, semi rigid and non rigid. The example of a non rigid airship is blimp. To maintain the shape of the airship, it has internal pressure.

Facts about Airships 6: the semi rigid airships

The semi rigid airships have a firm shape since they are supported by the internal pressure and a supporting structure.  The airships can be attached with a fixed keel to maintain the structure and shape.


Facts about Airship

Facts about Airship

Facts about Airships 7: the rigid airships

If you check out the rigid airship, it has firm shape since it is equipped with an outer structure framework. There are one or more internal gas bags for the lifting gas.

Facts about Airships 8: Count Zeppelin

Count Zeppelin was the first person who flew the rigid airship in the world. Then he established a firm used to manufacture the rigid airships. Therefore, many people simply call the rigid airships as zeppelins.

Airships Modern

Airships Modern

Facts about Airships 9: controlled powered flight

Airship is a type of an aircraft. It takes the record as the first aircrafts that can be controlled and powered.  The transportation was often used in 1940s. Since the development of aeroplanes, the usage of airships was reduced. Get facts about aeroplanes here.

Facts about Airships 10: high profiles accidents

There were some high profiles accidents when people used airships. Some of them are 1937 burning of the hydrogen-filled Hindenburg, the 1933 storm-related crash of the USS Akron and 1930 crash and burning of British R101 in France.



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