10 Facts about Akitas

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Facts about Akitas tell you about Japanese breed dog. In the home country, Akita is called as a national treasure. Everyone wants to own an akita at home. This cute little dog can give you great luck. It is called as a symbol of a good fortune, prosperity and good health. Check out the following post below for more info about Akitas.

Facts about Akitas 1: Helen Keller

In 1937, Helen Keller brought the first Akita to United States. After the World War II, this Japanese breed came to United States again. This dog is wonderful but not all people like it.

Facts about Akitas 2: not a grandma’s dog

Akita is not a grandma’s dog.  It is very big. The male Akita can reach the weight more than 100 pounds. This dog can grow massively.  When Akita is just a puppy, it is very small and cute. You will love it. But it grows bigger and bigger. Some people are not comfortable with it.   It has willful temperament and strong body.

Akita Black and White

Akita Black and White

Facts about Akitas 3: bark

If you like to have a quite dog, you can choose Akita. It will never bark if there is no big reason for it. Usually the dog barks when she or he wants to get attention.

Facts about Akitas 4: cats

You can compare the ways this dog hunts with cats. You can call the dogs are silent hunters.  He or she will never create any noise when hunting their food to the ground.

Akita Dog

Akita Dog

Facts about Akitas 5: food

If Akitas hunt the food, they will choose the small bodied animals such as birds, cats, ducks, chickens, small dogs and rodents.

Facts about Akitas 6: having Akita at home

It is okay to have Akita as your pet at home. But ensure that you can train it well to fit the rules in the neighborhood.

Akitas Facts

Akitas Facts

Facts about Akitas 7: a guard dog

Akita can be functioned as a guard dog.  This animal is called as the natural guardian. It can protect your family.

Facts about Akitas 8: how to treat Akita at home?

You have to treat the Akita well at home. Since this animal has an aggressive behavior, you should never let it running freely in the neighborhood.

Akitas Pictures

Akitas Pictures

Facts about Akitas 9: having more akitas at home

If you decide to have more than an Akita at home, choose the opposite sex. The male Akita will show aggressive toward each other. Get another dog in African wild dog facts.

Facts about Akitas 10: biting

Do not tease Akita. It can be dangerous since it can give response through biting.

Facts about Akitas

Facts about Akitas

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