10 Facts about Akkadians

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Facts about Akkadians tell you about the famous Akkadian Empire in ancient Mesopotamia. Akkadian empire is an ancient empire located at the city of Akkad. You can call the inhabitants as the Akkadians. They spoke Semites. The empire was the ruler of some parts in Iran, the Levant and Mesopotamia. Get more Akkadian facts in the following post below:

Facts about Akkadians 1: a cultural symbiosis

The cultural symbiosis occurred between the Sumerians and Semitic Akkadians in the third millennium BC. People became bilingual because of the two different languages. Gradually, the Sumerian language was replaced by the Akkadian language as the spoken language.

Facts about Akkadians 2: the politician peak

The political peak of the Akkadian empire occurred between 24th and 22nd centuries BC. Sargon of Akkad is one of the important Akkadians who could conquer some other states.

Akkadian Image

Akkadian Image

Facts about Akkadians 3: the first empire

Many people call Akkadian Empire as the first empire in the world. When the Akkadian empire fell, there were two major Akkadian speaking nations. The Akkadian people of Mesopotamia split into two. Both were Babylonian in the south and Assyria in the north. Get facts about Akhenaten if you want to know a great person in Egyptian culture.

Facts about Akkadians 4: how could The Sumerians and Akkadians united?

Both Akkadians and Sumerians lived in their own area before they united. The Sumerians lived in the south, while the Akkadians lived in northern Mesopotamia. Both had similar culture and government. However, they spoke different language.

Akkadian People

Akkadian People

Facts about Akkadians 5: unity

Each city in the Akkadian empire had a ruler. The cities in the empire were not united.  Then the Akkadian rulers decided to unite these cities under the rule of one nation. After the unity, they worked together and had alliances.

Facts about Akkadians 6: Sargon the Great

Sargon the Great is one of the famous Akkadians.  He created a city named Akkad. He was so powerful. When his city was attacked by the Sumerian city of Uruk, he fought back and conquered Uruk. Then he could win over all Sumerian city states.  He could make the Southern and Northern Mesopotamia led by a single ruler.

Akkadian Pictures

Akkadian Pictures

Facts about Akkadians 7: expansion

The Akkadians expanded their territory over the next 200 years. They moved to the east to conquer The Elamites and south to conquer Oman. They also came to Syria.

Facts about Akkadians 8: Naram-Sin

Naram-Sin is called as one of the great kings of Akkad. Sargon the Great was his grandfather. He was on the throne for 50 years. Under his reign, the Akkadians were at the peak.



Facts about Akkadians 9: the fall of empire

The fall of the Akkadians was seen in 2100 BC. At that time Ur, a Sumerian city, conquered the city of Akkad. The states were still united but they were led by a Sumerian king.

Facts about Akkadians 10: good road

The major cities featured many good facilities. People also have a postal service.

Facts about Akkadians

Facts about Akkadians

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