10 Facts about Al Capone

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Facts about Al Capone talk about the famous gangster in America in the Prohibition era. When he was 33 years old, he had to end the game as a notable gangster. Many people were afraid with him. Let’s talk his personal life and journey as a gangster by reading the following post below:

Facts about Al Capone 1: date of birth

Al Capone was born on 17 January 1988 in the borough of Brooklyn in New York City. He died on 15 January 1947. His parents were the Italian immigrants who moved to United States.

Facts about Al Capone 2: a member of a gang

He became a member of Five Points Gang. Then he was appointed as a bouncer in organized crime sites.

Al Capone In Jail

Al Capone In Jail

Facts about Al Capone 3: Johnny Torrio

Johnny Torrio was the head of a criminal syndicate. Unione Siciliane protected his illegal activity when he supplied alcohol. Al Capone became Johnny’s bodyguard and trusted man when he was in his early twenties.

Facts about Al Capone 4: the rise of Al Capone

Al Capone got the succession from Torrio after the conflict in the North side Gang. Torrio was almost killed. Therefore, he decided to retire.

Al Capone Pic

Al Capone Pic

Facts about Al Capone 5: the law enforcement

The law could not reach his illegal activities because he has a mutual relationship with Mayor William Hale Thompson. To expand his business, Al Capone often used violent ways.

Facts about Al Capone 6: modern day to Robin Hood

Al Capone is included as a controversial man. Some people considered him as a modern day Robin Hood because he often gave donation in many charities. He helped the poor people.

Al Capone Quotes

Al Capone Quotes

Facts about Al Capone 7: protest from the citizens

There were many influential citizens who protested to the central government about the behaviors of Al Capone after he damaged the Chicago’s image during the Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre of North Siders. Check out another interest figure in Albert Bandura facts.

Facts about Al Capone 8: tax evasion

Al Capone was not put in jail because of his bootlegging activities but because of tax evasion in 1931. He was sentenced 11 years in a federal prison.

Al Capone Time

Al Capone Time

Facts about Al Capone 9: health problem

In the early years after being sentenced in jail, there were some signs of syphilitic dementia on Al Capone. After 8 years in the prison, he was released.

Facts about Al Capone 10: death

Al Capone had a stroke and died because of cardiac arrest on 15 January 1947.

Facts about Al Capone

Facts about Al Capone

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