10 Facts about Alabama

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Facts about Alabama provide the information about the 22nd state in United states on 14 December 1819. The capital of Alabama is Montgomery. This city is important in the history of America. Do you know that the Confederate States of America were established here? Check out more information about Alabama by reading the following post below:

Facts about Alabama 1: Willie Howard

Have you ever heard about Willie Howard? He was one of the famous basketball players in United States.  He was born in 1931 in Westfield, Alabama.

Facts about Alabama 2: the highest point

If you like to visit the highest point above the sea elevation in Alabama, you can go to Cheaha Mountain? Why don’t you hike it and enjoy a great view from the top? This mountain has the height at 2,405 feet.

Alabama At Night

Alabama At Night

Facts about Alabama 3: Russell Cave

Another interesting place to visit in Alabama is Russell Cave.  Do you know that a skeleton of a prehistoric man was discovered in the cave?

Facts about Alabama 4: artifacts

If you like to know more than 4000 chemical warfare artifacts in Alabama, you have to go to Fort McClellan.  The city is a home of the US Army Chemical Corps Museum.

Alabama Facts

Alabama Facts

Facts about Alabama 5: the first open heart surgery

Many of you probably do not know that the first open heart surgery was conducted in Montgomery by Dr Luther Leonidas Hill in 1902. the doctor conducted the surgery by suturing a stab wound on the heart of a young boy.

Facts about Alabama 6: schools in Mobile

Mobile has some the oldest schools in Alabama. In 1811, Washington Academy was established here, while in 1812, Huntsville Green Academy was founded. Check out the education in Alabama by reading Alabama University facts.

Alabama Map

Alabama Map

Facts about Alabama 7: the rocket state

People always call Alabama as the rocket state. The first rocket which took human being to the moon was built by the Alabama workers.

Facts about Alabama 8: Winston County

Winston County got its name during the civil war. Today, many people still call it as free State of Winston.

Alabama North

Alabama North

Facts about Alabama 9: Mobile

Mobile is a good place to visit in Alabama. One of the famous persons from Mobile was the baseball player, Henry Louis Hank Aaron. He was born in 1934 in Mobile.

Facts about Alabama 10: Nathaniel Adams

Another famous person from Alabama was Nathaniel Adams Cole. Some people often call him Nat King. He was born in Montgomery in 1919. This man was famous with his velvety voice.

Facts about Alabama

Facts about Alabama

Are you impressed reading facts about Alabama?

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