10 Facts about Alamo

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Facts about Alamo tell you about a museum in Alamo Plaza District. You can visit it with your family in the weekend for great pleasure. You just have to come to the downtown of San Antonio, Texas.  At first, Alamo was famous as the Roman Catholic Mission. It was called Mission San Antonio de Valero.  But soon, people recognize it as the site of the Battle of the Alamo. Check out more facts about Alamo by reading the following post below:

Facts about Alamo 1: the battle of Alamo

Alamo was famous after the battle of Alamo.  It took place in 1836. You can find out a public monument in Alamo. It was used to honor the heroes who died in the battle of the Alamo.

Facts about Alamo 2: the Spanish Empire

The Spanish Empire established Alamo in 1700s.   The main function is to spread Christianity and educate the local Native Americans about the religion. In 1793, it became a non religious place and was abandoned.

Alamo Battle

Alamo Battle

Facts about Alamo 3: Second Flying Company of San Carlos de Parras

Second Flying Company of San Carlos de Parras was the Mexican army who took the fortress of the Alamo as their base in 1803. Then the Mexican army group surrendered after his battle of Alamo to Texan army.

Facts about Alamo 4: the general

The Battle of Alamo ended after the General of Mexican soldiers decided to surrender in 1835 to the Texan army. But in the following year in 1836, the Mexican soldiers attacked the Texan army again in the Alamo. Many armies died during the battle. Finally the Mexican soldiers left the Alamo.

Alamo Facts

Alamo Facts

Facts about Alamo 5: the Texas Revolution

The Texas revolution ended in 1848 after the Mexican soldiers surrendered. However, before they went away, they destroyed the building and walls of the Alamo.

Facts about Alamo 6: the buildings

The buildings left in the Alamo were used to house the soldiers. In 1876, they were abandoned.

Alamo Pictures

Alamo Pictures

Facts about Alamo 7: the Alamo Chapel

The Alamo Chapel was bought by the state of Texas, but they did not make any restoration on the chapel. When the Chapel was sold, it was turned into a whole sale grocery store. Check out a historical building in India in Agra Fort facts.

Facts about Alamo 8: the Daughters of the Republic of Texas

The Daughters of the Republic of Texas was a group to try to convince the government to buy the Alamo again and restore it. The state then took control of the Alamo and restored it in 1912.



Facts about Alamo 9: what is Alamo?

The name Alamo was a derived from the Spanish word which means cottonwood.

Facts about Alamo 10: the first stone

In 1744, the first stone of Alamo was laid.

Facts about Alamo

Facts about Alamo

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