10 Facts about Alan Ayckbourn

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Let me show you the interesting information about the English playwright in Facts about Alan Ayckbourn. There are many plays that he had produced and written.  There are many awards received due to his wonderful plays. Check out the interesting facts about Ayckbourn below:

Facts about Alan Ayckbourn 1: awards

Ayckbourn’s plays received a lot of awards.  One of the prestigious awards is London Evening Standard Award. He got seven awards.

Facts about Alan Ayckbourn 2: popularity

His plays are very popular in the world. There is no need to wonder that his plays are translated in more than 35 languages. You can find them performed on stage and TV shows.

Alan Ayckbourn Facts

Alan Ayckbourn Facts

Facts about Alan Ayckbourn 3: Broadway

One of the prestigious stages in the world is Broadway. Do you know that 10 of Ayckbourn plays are performed on Broadway? They can receive one Tony Awards and two Tony nominations. Get facts about acting here.

Facts about Alan Ayckbourn 4: the famous plays

The famous plays of Ayckbourn include House & Garden (1999), The Norman Conquests trilogy (1973), Absurd Person Singular (1975), Private Fears in Public Places (2004), A Small Family Business (1987), Just between Ourselves (1976), Bedroom Farce (1975), and many more. They are perfumed by great actors. Check out facts about actors here.

Alan Ayckbourn Photo

Alan Ayckbourn Photo

Facts about Alan Ayckbourn 5: the family life

After World War II, his parents separated. Actually they had not married. In 1948, his mother decided to divorce his first hubby to get married again.

Facts about Alan Ayckbourn 6: his father

Horace Ayckbourn was his father. He worked as an orchestral violinist. He was also appointed as a deputy leader in London Symphony Orchestra.

Alan Ayckbourn Picture

Alan Ayckbourn Picture

Facts about Alan Ayckbourn 7: his first play

When he was 10 years old, Alan wrote his very first play. He did it when he was at Westborough Lodge. It was a preparatory school in the area.

Facts about Alan Ayckbourn 8: Cecil Pye

Cecil Pye was the new husband of his mother. His mother came with his husband and a son from his husband for a holiday with Ayckbourn. The relationship at that time was awkward and difficult for the first time.

Alan Ayckbourn

Alan Ayckbourn

Facts about Alan Ayckbourn 9: the adult life

There were many temporary jobs that Alan had tried after he graduated from school at the age of 17. Then he started a job which shaped his career at Scarborough Library Theatre.

Facts about Alan Ayckbourn 10: Stephen Joseph

Stephen Joseph is the artistic director at Scarborough Library Theater. When Alan worked here for a temporary job, he was introduced to Joseph. Alan always considered him as a father figure and a mentor.

Facts about Alan Ayckbourn

Facts about Alan Ayckbourn

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