10 Facts about Alan Jackson

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Facts about Alan Jackson give you the interesting ideas about the famous American musical, singer and songwriter. Many of Jackson’s hits are the mixture between the country sound and traditional honky tonk. If you want to know more about his personal life, career and family life, check out the following post below.

Facts about Alan Jackson 1: date of birth and family

His full name is Alan Eugene Jackson. He was born on 17 October 1958 in Newnan, Georgia, His mother is Mama Ruth and his father is Daddy Gene or Joseph Eugene Jackson. In the family, he has four older sisters.

Facts about Alan Jackson 2: the early life

Jackson was not born in a wealthy family. When he was a child, his bed was located in the hallways since the family had to live in the old toolshed of his grandfather along with his sisters, mother and father. Today, his mother still lives there.

Alan Jackson Album

Alan Jackson Album

Facts about Alan Jackson 3: singing

It seems that he developed his talent as singer since he was a kid.  He often sang in a church. In 1983, he created his first song. Check out another singer in Akon facts.

Facts about Alan Jackson 4: the first job

Can you guess the first job of Alan Jackson? He worked as employee in a shoe store when he was only 12 years old.

Alan Jackson Country Music

Alan Jackson Country Music

Facts about Alan Jackson 5: gospel music

It is quite fascinating to know that Alan was not a major music fan when he was young. He loved to hear gospel music. But his friend tried to show him the music of Hank William Junior, John Anderson and Gene Watson.

Facts about Alan Jackson 6: education

Let’s talk about the education of Alan Jackson. He went to Elem Street Elementary and Newman High School. After he graduated from high school, he created a band. One of the greatest bands in explained in Aerosmith facts.

Alan Jackson Facts

Alan Jackson Facts

Facts about Alan Jackson 7: a full time musician

Music is Alan’s interested.  He decided to move to Nashville from Newnan when he was 27 years old to pursue a full time music career.

Facts about Alan Jackson 8: albums

There are many albums that Alan Jackson had created. Some of them are 2 Gospel albums, 3 Greatest Hits albums, 15 studio albums, 2 Christmas Albums and many more.

Alan Jackson Singer

Alan Jackson Singer

Facts about Alan Jackson 9: Top 30 Country Songs

It will be amazing to see the hits if your favorite singer included in Top 30 Country Songs of Billboard List. Do you know that more than 50 singles of Jackson were included in the list?

Facts about Alan Jackson 10: Georgia Music Hall of Fame

In 2001, the name Alan Jackson was inducted in Georgia Music Hall of Fame.

Facts about Alan Jackson

Facts about Alan Jackson

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