10 Facts about Alan Shearer

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Facts about Alan Shearer talk about the famous English retired footballer.  If you are a fan of football game, you must know his big name in the world. Once, he played for the England national team. Find out more about this amazing retired player in the following post below:

Facts about Alan Shearer 1: date of birth

Alan Shearer was born on 13 August 1970 in Gosforth, Newcastle. His parents are Alan and Anne Shearer. Both came in working class society. His father always encouraged him to play football when Alan was young. His father worked as a sheet metal worker.

Facts about Alan Shearer 2: English football team

During his career as a footballer, you can see him as a player in the top level English clubs such as Newcastle United, Blackburn Rovers, and Southampton. Find out another famous footballer in Sergio Aguero facts.

Alan Shearer Facts

Alan Shearer Facts

Facts about Alan Shearer 3: education

Let’s talk about the education for Alan Shearer. He went to Gosforth Central Middle School and Gosforth High School. When he was at school, he became a captain his Newcastle City Schools team.  When he was a teenager, he joined the amateur Wallsend Boys Club.

Facts about Alan Shearer 4: successful trials

He could do successful trials for the first division clubs in Manchester City, West Bormwich Albion and Newcastle United. In April 1986, he got a youth contract offer from Southampton.

Alan Shearer Image

Alan Shearer Image

Facts about Alan Shearer 5: retirement

After becoming one of the best footballers, he decided to retire in 2006.  He was called as the wonderful goal scorer and striker in the world. You can see in him in BBC as a TV pundit.

Facts about Alan Shearer 6: manager

He decided to become the manager for Newcastle United in 2009. Therefore, he left his BBC program.  He became the manger in 2008 and 2009 season for 8 games. But his role as a manager was not successful to save the team.

Alan Shearer

Alan Shearer

Facts about Alan Shearer 7: the first champions League

The first champion league appearance for Shearer was 1995 till 1996 seasons. He got 31 goals and finished as the top scorer in the premier league.

Facts about Alan Shearer 8: UEFA Euro

In EUFA Euro 1996, Shearer was the top scorer with his five foals. Then he created 25 goals for 1996 1997 Premier league.

Alan Shearer Pic

Alan Shearer Pic

Facts about Alan Shearer 9: FIFA World Player of the Year awards

Alan Shearer was appointed as the third FIFA World Player of the Year awards in 1996.

Facts about Alan Shearer 10: FIFA’s 100th anniversary celebration

In FIFA’s 100th anniversary celebration, Alan Shearer is included as one of the top 125 greatest living footballers.

Facts about Alan Shearer

Facts about Alan Shearer

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