10 Facts about Alan Shepard

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If you like to know information about one of the famous astronauts in the world, check facts about Alan Shepard here. He took the record as the oldest person who walked on mood. Traveling in the space for Shepard was not a big deal since he was a capable astronaut. Get more facts about him here:

Facts about Alan Shepard 1: life spans

Alan Shepard was born on 18 November 1923. His full name is Alan Bartlett Shepard Junior. He passed away on 21 July 1998.

Facts about Alan Shepard 2: profession

People always recognize Alan Shepard as an astronaut, but actually he had a lot of jobs to do. He was the American naval officer, flag officer, aviator, and businessman. People recognized him as one of the famous original NASA Mercury Seven astronauts.

Alan Shepard Facts

Alan Shepard Facts

Facts about Alan Shepard 3: record

Shepard is called as the first American person who traveled in space in 1961.

Facts about Alan Shepard 4: Apollo 14 mission

Alan Shepard took the record as the oldest astronaut in the Mercury flight program since he commanded Apollo 14 mission. He was 47 years old. He got the most accurate landing in the mission. It was such as breakthrough for him.

Alan Shepard Picture

Alan Shepard Picture

Facts about Alan Shepard 5: moon

If we talk about the person who walked on moon, people always link it with Neil Armstrong. Actually Alan Sephard also walked on moon. But he took the record as the fifth person to do it. He was the only astronaut in Mercury Seven program who did it. When he was on the moon surface, he hit it with two golf balls.

Facts about Alan Shepard 6: Chief of the Astronaut Office

In November 1963 till July 1969, he was appointed as Chief of the Astronaut Office. On 25 August 1971, he was promoted to Rear Admiral from Captain. In 1974, he decided to leave NASA and United Navy to retire.

Alan Shepard Image

Alan Shepard Image

Facts about Alan Shepard 7: businessman

It is quite surprising that Shepard became a successful businessman after he retired from NASA.

Facts about Alan Shepard 8: parents

Taking about his parents, his mother was Renza (née Emerson) Shepard. She lived in 1900 till 1993. His father was Lieutenant Colonel Alan B. Shepard, Sr who lived in 1891 till 1973.

Alan Shepard Stamp

Alan Shepard Stamp

Facts about Alan Shepard 9: education

Alan Shepard went to primary and secondary schools in East Derry and Derry. Arnold Sidney Butler was the first person who gave Shepard his first flying lesson. Butler was an operator and local owner in Daniel Webster airport.

Facts about Alan Shepard 10: death

Alan Shepard passed away on 21 July 1998 because of leukemia.

Facts about Alan Shepard

Facts about Alan Shepard

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