10 Facts about Alan Sugar

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Facts about Alan Sugar discuss the facts about the media personality, business magnate and political advisor. This man must be rich.  Alan Michael Sugar was born on 24 March 1947. His business venture will make you impressed. If you want to know his early life and net worth, check out the interesting facts about Alan Sugar below:

Facts about Alan Sugar 1: the net worth

In 2011, it is estimated that Alan Sugar had the estimated net worth at £700m or US$1.14 billion.  Based on the Sunday Times Rich List 2011, he was placed in 89th richest man.

Facts about Alan Sugar 2: Amstrad

Amstrad was the consumer electronics company of Alan Sugar. But he sold it in 2007. Actually it was one of his notable business ventures. Why did he sell it? Anyone knows?

Alan Sugar Apprentice

Alan Sugar Apprentice

Facts about Alan Sugar 3: Tottenham Hotspur

Tottenham Hotspur is one of the famous football clubs in the world. Do you know that Alan sugar held the position as the chairman of Tottenham Hotspur in 1991 till 2001?

Facts about Alan Sugar 4: The Apprentice

The Apprentice was the BBC TV series which took the concept of the popular US TV Show. In America, it features the successful American entrepreneur Donald Trump.  If you check the BBC version, you will get Alan Sugar. It was broadcasted in BBC TV since 2005. Find another form of entertainment in Adventure Time facts.

Alan Sugar Style

Alan Sugar Style

Facts about Alan Sugar 5: place of birth

Let’s talk about the early life of Alan Sugar. This man was born in Hackney, east London. His family was Jewish. There are four children in the family. Alan is the youngest one.

Facts about Alan Sugar 6: father

His father was not a rich man. He only worked as a tailor in a garment industry in East End.  His family could only live in a council flat when Alan was young.

Alan Sugar Pictures

Alan Sugar Pictures

Facts about Alan Sugar 7: nickname

Alan was called as Mop head due to his curly and profuse hair. Till today, some people still call him Mop Head.

Facts about Alan Sugar 8: education

Are you curious to find out the education of Alan Sugar? He went to Northwold Primary School. He had a side job to collect more money for his education by working at a greengrocery.

Alan Sugar

Alan Sugar

Facts about Alan Sugar 9: atheist

Alan always identifies himself as atheism. But he is still proud with his Jewish heritage.

Facts about Alan Sugar 10: family life

On 28 April 1968, he married Ann. Both have a daughter and two sons.

Alan Sugar Style

Alan Sugar Style

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