10 Facts about Alaska

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Facts about Alaska are interesting to read for you can enjoy the interesting information about this cold region in America. In 1741, Alaska was discovered by an outsider. He was Vitus Jonassen Bering, a Danish explorer who spotted the land when he was a on a voyage from Siberia. Get more facts about Alaska by reading the following post below:

Facts about Alaska 1: the state in US

On 3 January 1959, Alaska was accepted as the 49th state in US. The area of Alaska is very big. Compared to Rhode Island, Alaska is 425 times bigger. Another state in US is explained in Alabama facts.

Facts about Alaska 2: the first settlement in Alaska

In 1784, the first settlement in Alaska was established on Kodak Island. It was inhabited by the fur traders and Russian whalers.

Alaska Facts

Alaska Facts

Facts about Alaska 3: the revenue source

Can you guess the revenue source in Alaska?  The main industry is natural gas and oil. The reports state that it occupies 25 percent of the total oil production in the country. The largest oil field in North America is located in Prudhoe Bay.

Facts about Alaska 4: the largest private industry employer

The largest private industry employer in Alaska is taken by the seafood and fishing industry. The herring, halibut, salmon and crabs sold in America are mostly from Alaska.

Alaska Image

Alaska Image

Facts about Alaska 5: the name Alaska

The state is called Alaska to refer to the original inhabitants in the state such as Aleut, Eskimo and Indian. They are the native people here. The word Alaska was taken from the Eskimo word. The meaning is great land or peninsula.

Facts about Alaska 6: World War II

During the World War II, the only parts in North America occupied by Japanese armies are Agattu, Attu and Kiska.

Alaska Pic

Alaska Pic

Facts about Alaska 7: Mount Augustine

Mount Augustine erupted in 1986. If you check out the location of Alaska, it is near Mount McKinley since it is situated 60 miles northwest the mountain.

Facts about Alaska 8: The Tongass National Forest

If you want to know the largest forest in United States, you just have to go to Tongass National Forest.

Alaska Scenery

Alaska Scenery

Facts about Alaska 9: the highest point

The highest point in North America is located at Mount McKinley. It has the elevation at 20,320 feet.

Facts about Alaska 10: Anchorage

Anchorage is called as the largest city in Alaska. Fairbanks is called as the second one.

Facts about Alaska

Facts about Alaska

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