10 Facts about Alaskan Huskies

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Facts about Alaskan Huskies talk about the rare breed dog. Compared to the Siberian Huskies, they are smaller.  This dog is difficult to manage. Therefore, the owner has to train it well. They are often used for racing or as a working dog. It is not suitable for a family pet due to the domineering and independent nature. Get more facts about Alaskan Huskies below:

Facts about Alaskan Huskies 1: origin of breed

Just like its name suggested, the Alaskan Huskies come from Alaska. In the ancient time, The North American natives living in Alaska used the Alaskan huskies as the sled dogs.

Facts about Alaskan Huskies 2: weight and height

The height of Alaskan Huskies can reach 23 till 26 inches. The weight can reach 44 till 46 pounds.

Alaskan Huskies Color

Alaskan Huskies Color

Facts about Alaskan Huskies 3: life expectancy

Alaskan huskies have the average life expectancy around 12 till 14 years old.

Facts about Alaskan Huskies 4: the coat

There are various colors of Alaskan huskies coats. You can see them in brown, red, white, grey and black. The coats come in coarse or straight texture.

Alaskan Huskies

Alaskan Huskies

Facts about Alaskan Huskies 5: breed

If we talk about the breed of Alaskan Huskies, we can find out that it is mix with different kinds of Nordic breed. The dogs are categorized based on the specialization.  They are selected due to the skill of pulling a cart in a race. Get facts about African wild dogs here.

Facts about Alaskan Huskies 6: affectionate dog

Even though this dog is domineering, actually it is an affectionate dog. They like to cuddle with other dogs. But the people who live in an urban apartment do not have to choose it. It is not suitable for you.

Albania Facts

Albania Facts

Facts about Alaskan Huskies 7: speed of racing event

Rather than being used as a family pet, you can spot the Alaskan huskies in a speed racing competition in Alaska. You can come to the annual event of Anchorage Fur Rendezvous, Alaska Open North American Championship and Fairbanks.

Facts about Alaskan Huskies 8: a top level racing dog

The price of Alaskans huskies is very expensive especially if the dogs are demanded due to the high power and speed. It can worth around $10,000 till $15,000. Check out another dog in Akita facts.

Alaskan Huskies

Alaskan Huskies

Facts about Alaskan Huskies 9: moose

When the winter season comes, moose will like to kill the Alaskan huskies. It occurs in the extreme northern regions.

Facts about Alaskan Huskies 10: the Alaskan husky sled dog

Canadian and Alaska is the base for the Alaskan husky sled dog. They are called as the native village dog. It has taller and leggier characteristics.

Facts about Alaskan Huskies

Facts about Alaskan Huskies


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