10 Facts about Albany

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Let me show you the interesting Facts about Albany if you want to know the state capital of New York.  The city is situated around 220 kilometer or 135 miles from New York City.  It is called located on the west bank of the Hudson River. Get more facts about Albany by following the explanation below:

Facts about Albany 1: population

Based on 2010 census, the city of Albany was occupied by 97,856 people. Talking about the past time, the first European settlement in Albany was in 1614. It was called as a city in 1686. In 1797, it was called as the capital of New York.

Facts about Albany 2: Capital District

Capital District is a region formed by Albany and other nearby cities like Saratoga Springs, Schenectady and Troy.

Albany at Night

Albany at Night

Facts about Albany 3: the modern Albany

The modern Albany was functioned as Dutch trading posts. In 1614, it was located at Fort Nassau. In 1624, it was situated at Fort Orange.

Facts about Albany 4: a center of transportation

Albany was called as a center of transportation in the 19th century because of the strategic location. As I have stated before it is located near the Hudson River. Moreover, Albany had the railroad systems.

Albany Pictures

Albany Pictures

Facts about Albany 5: the first cities

There are many records that Albany has. It is called as one of the first cities in the world which owned sewer lines, public water mains, and electricity and natural gas lines. Check out Addis Ababa facts to know another great city outside US.

Facts about Albany 6: the main export

There were several items exported by Albany such as ironworks, lumber, published works and beer.

Albany Skyline

Albany Skyline

Facts about Albany 7: the total area

Albany spans on the total area of 56 km square or 21.8 square miles. The water area is 1.0 km square while the land area is 21.4 square miles.

Facts about Albany 8: the highest point

The highest point in Albany is located in USGS benchmark. The height is 115 meter or 378 feet above the sea elevation. It is located near Loudonville Reservoir off Birch Hill Road. The Hudson River is called as the lowest point in Albany. The water elevation is around 2 feet.



Facts about Albany 9: climate

There are four different seasons in Albany. It has the hot wet summer and snowy winter since the location of Albany is in humid continental climate region. Find out another interesting city in Adelaide facts.

Facts about Albany 10: interesting places to visit

There are various interesting places to visit such as Empire State Plaza. Washington Park, and Center Square.

Facts about Albany

Facts about Albany

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