10 Facts about Albatrosses

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If you want to know a type of sea bird, you need to check out Facts about Albatrosses. Most of them are spotted in the southern hemisphere. They live in South America, South Africa, Australia, and Antarctica. But the sea bird which lives in southern hemisphere can be found too even though they are included as rare species. Albatrosses also live in California, Hawaii and Alaska. They spend most time in the ocean. Get more facts about Albatrosses in the following post below:

Facts about Albatrosses 1: on the land

Albatrosses will spend some time on the land when they are in the mating season. But most of them time, they live in the ocean.

Facts about Albatrosses 2: endangered species

Some species of Albatrosses are included as the endangered animals due to the massive hunting by human beings and the reduction of natural prey.

Albatrosses Cute

Albatrosses Cute

Facts about Albatrosses 3: size

It is not easy to decide the size of Albatrosses because each species as different size.  In average, the sea bird can reach the weight around 17 till 22 pounds. The length can reach 35 till 51 inches.

Facts about Albatrosses 4: wingspan

Albatrosses are included as one of the birds which has great wingspan. It can reach 11 feet. The body of Albatrosses is very interesting because it comes with yellow, red, brown, white or even black feathers depending on the species. In past, many people hunted Albatrosses and took the feathers for hat decoration.

Albatrosses Images

Albatrosses Images

Facts about Albatrosses 5: the beak

The beak of Albatrosses comes in hooked shape. This beak features the sharp blade that the sea bird uses to catch the slippery prey.  Due to this sharp blade, Albatrosses will never lose their prey when they catch it. Find out another bird in facts about Adelie penguins here.

Facts about Albatrosses 6: sense of smell and eyesight

The sense of smell and eyesight of Albatrosses is very wonderful. Even though they have to hunt in the dark, they can catch the prey accurately.

Albatrosses Pic

Albatrosses Pic

Facts about Albatrosses 7: nocturnal or diurnal animal?

Can you decide whether Albatrosses are diurnal or nocturnal animals?  This type of sea bird is included as a diurnal animal, not the nocturnal animal. It is active during the day.

Facts about Albatrosses 8: diet

Let’s find out the favorite food of Albatrosses. They like eating crabs, fish, krill and squids.



Facts about Albatrosses 9: speed

The animals can fly on the sky without having a rest for a long time. It flies with the speed at 40 miles per hour. Get facts about African Penguin here.

Facts about Albatrosses 10: the natural enemy

The natural enemy of seabird includes tiger shark. It is the main prey of tiger shark when the bird is very young and begins to fly.

Facts about Albatrosses

Facts about Albatrosses

Are you impressed reading facts about Albatrosses?

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