10 Facts about Albert Bandura

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Facts about Albert Bandura tell you the famous psychologist. He is also a professor at Stanford University. This man has done a lot of researches in the field of psychology for almost 6 decades. Some of them include the personality of psychology, therapy and social cognitive theory. If you want to know about his researches, career and personal life, check out the following explanation.

Facts about Albert Bandura 1: Bobo doll experiment

Bobo doll experiment 1961 is very influential. The study was able to examine the aggression and non aggression in children through this experiment.

Facts about Albert Bandura 2: social learning theory

The theory that he created is the social learning theory. It explains how the people learn by making observation of other people. The example can be seen when the students imitate their teachers.

Albert Bandura Facts

Albert Bandura Facts

Facts about Albert Bandura 3: date of birth

Albert Bandura was born on 4 December 1925 in Mundare, Alberta. It is only a small town inhabited by 400 people.

Facts about Albert Bandura 4: children in the family

There are six children in the family. Bandura is the only son and the youngest child. He is very self motivated and want to become an independent person. He only lived a remote and small town with limited education.


Albert Bandura Images

Albert Bandura Images

Facts about Albert Bandura 5: parents

The people who encouraged him a lot to become a better person out of this remote area were his parents.

Facts about Albert Bandura 6: the early job

His early job was in the Yukon. He did it after finishing his high school. This work was very crucial since it could protect the Alaska Highway from sinking. His work developed his interest in human psychopathology.

Albert Bandura Pic

Albert Bandura Pic

Facts about Albert Bandura 7: experience in the Yukon

His view on life about the subculture of gambling and drinking in Yukon enabled him to enlarge his perspective.

Facts about Albert Bandura 8: naturalization

In 1949, Bandura came to United States. In 1956, he was naturalized. In 1952, he and Virginia Varns got married. Their children are Carol and Mary.

Albert Bandura Pictures

Albert Bandura Pictures

Facts about Albert Bandura 9: popularity

Albert Bandura was a very popular psychologist in the world. Do you know that he was on the fourth place as the most frequently cited psychologist all of the time. His rank is still behind B.F Skinner, Sigmund Freud and Jean Piaget. Check out another famous physiologist in Abraham Maslow facts.

Facts about Albert Bandura 10: APA

Bandura held one of the prestigious positions in APA. He was appointed as the 82nd president of APA in 1974. At that time, he was only 46 years old. Therefore, he was called as one of the youngest presidents of APA.

Facts about Albert Bandura

Facts about Albert Bandura

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