10 Facts about Albert Camus

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You are informed with famous French writer and thinker in Facts about Albert Camus. There are many popular novels that he had created. His works have been translated in English. If you want to know his famous work, personal life and family life, check out Albert Camus here.

Facts about Albert Camus 1: date of birth

Albert Camus was born in 1913 in Mondovi, Algeria. Mondovi is a small coastal town. His family moved to Belcourt section of Algiers after his father was killed in Battle of Marne.

Facts about Albert Camus 2: mother

Albert Camus was not from a rich family. His mother was only a cleaning woman. Her name is Catherine Helene Sintes-Camus. She was partially deaf and an illiterate woman. His grandmother was Madame Sintes. Both raised him in poverty.

Albert Camus Facts

Albert Camus Facts

Facts about Albert Camus 3: a great student

Albert Camus was a very great student  in his school. Even though he was very poor, he could attend high school after winning a scholarship.

Facts about Albert Camus 4: a soccer player

Albert Camus loved to play soccer.  He had to stay away from soccer when he was 17 years due to the tuberculosis.

Albania Facts

Albania Facts

Facts about Albert Camus 5: marriage

When Camus was 21 years old, he married a daughter of a rich ophthalmologist, Simone Hie in 1934. The marriage only last for two years. His wife was a morphine addict. But then he wedded Francine Faure. She was a mathematician and pianist. Both had a twin, Catherine and Jane in 1945. However, Camus was involved with various affairs. One of the famous affairs was with Maria Casares.

Facts about Albert Camus 6: The Wrong Side and the Right Side

When Camus was 24 years old, The Wrong Side and the Right Side was published in 1937.  It was his first book, an essay collection. Get facts about Alex Paton to know another great writer.

Albert Camus Pictures

Albert Camus Pictures

Facts about Albert Camus 7: A Happy Death

A Happy Death was a novel that he had completed, but it was not published when he was alive.

Facts about Albert Camus 8: standing

Most people decide to sit down when they are writing. But Camus was very unique. He preferred to stand when he wrote a book. Other writers who did the same thing include Virginia Woolf, Vladimir Nabokov and Ernest Hemingway. Check Alan Gibbons facts to know a famous writer.

Albert Camus

Albert Camus

Facts about Albert Camus 9: The Stranger

If you want to enjoy a story of an ordinary man named Mersault, you need to check The Stranger from Camus.  In 1942, The Stranger was published.  In 1943, it was translated into English.

Facts about Albert Camus 10: movies

The Stranger was very popular. It was created into a movie twice.

Facts about Albert Camus

Facts about Albert Camus

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