10 Facts about Albert Einstein

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Facts about Albert Einstein talk about one of the greatest scientists in the world. Even though he is not with us anymore, his theory of relativity is still used until this present day. This man was very unique due to his rocking wild hairdo. Actually Einstein was born in Germany, but he moved to America. Find out more facts about him below:

Facts about Albert Einstein 1: date of birth

Einstein was born on 14 March 1879.  He was not a beautiful baby. His parents were very concerned with the back shape of his head. It was so big. However, the head shape became normal after few weeks.

Facts about Albert Einstein 2: slow to talk

When he was a kid, he did not speak until he was four years old.  He was very slow to talk. Today, people recognized Einstein Syndrome. It is used to explain the brilliant people who have delayed speech.

Albert Einstein Facts

Albert Einstein Facts

Facts about Albert Einstein 3: a bright student

It is not true if you say that Einstein was not great at mathematics. He was not a bad student. Before he was 15 years old, he mastered calculus.  He also received great scores in Greek and Latin. He was a great violin player when he was 11. Find out another scientist in Ada Lovelace facts.

Facts about Albert Einstein 4: an illegitimate child

The Time Magazine reported that Einstein had an illegitimate child. Before he married Mileva, his first wife, she had secretly delivered a baby girl in Serbia. The baby girl was named Lieserl. There is no explanation whether his baby girl ever met his father.

Albert Einstein Hair

Albert Einstein Hair

Facts about Albert Einstein 5: rules for his wife

The marriage of Einstein with his first wife is very weird since he set several rules in the marriage. Some of the rules include no intimacy in the marriage, serving three meals a day for him and stop talking if he asked her to do it.

Facts about Albert Einstein 6: Elsa Einstein

Elsa Einstein was the cousin of Albert Einstein. In 1919, both married each other. Actually they had been romantically involved even though Einstein was still with her first wife.

Albert Einstein Pictures

Albert Einstein Pictures

Facts about Albert Einstein 7: socks

Einstein has a weird habit too. He never used his socks.  No one paid much attention on his feet because his hair was more interesting to view.

Facts about Albert Einstein 8: NAACP

Not many people know that Einstein actually was a member of NAACP. Einstein thought that racism was a disease.

Albert Einstein Quotes

Albert Einstein Quotes

Facts about Albert Einstein 9: death

On 18 April 1955, he passed away because of a burst blood vessel.

Facts about Albert Einstein 10: surgery

The doctor recommended him to have a surgery to save his life, but he refused it.

Facts about Albert Einstein

Facts about Albert Einstein

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