10 Facts about Albert Namatjira

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Facts about Albert Namatjira provide the information about the western Aranda speaking aboriginal artist. He was one of the important people in the development of the contemporary indigenous Australian art. This man came from western MacDonnell Ranges of Australia. Let’s check out the following explanation if you are interested to know more about Namatjira.

Facts about Albert Namatjira 1: date of birth

There is no exact date of birth for Namatjira. But he was born in 1902 at Hermannsburg Lutheran Mission, near Alice Springs. He spent his childhood time at the mission. After his parents adopted Christianity, he was baptized.

Facts about Albert Namatjira 2: the name

When he was born, he was named Elea. Then his name was changed into Albert after he was baptized. When he was in the mission, he was raised in a western style.

Albert Namatjira Artist

Albert Namatjira Artist

Facts about Albert Namatjira 3: return to the bush

Namatjira decided to come to the bush for the initiation when he was 13 years old.  In the bush, he became the member of the Arrernte community and saw the traditional culture in the area.

Facts about Albert Namatjira 4: his works

If you check out most of his works, Namatjira really respected and loved his aboriginal land. Find out another artist in Albrecht Durer facts.

Albert Namatjira Painting

Albert Namatjira Painting

Facts about Albert Namatjira 5: marriage

After leaving the bush, Albert and Rubina got married. At that time, Albert was only 18 years old. The marriage between Namatjira and Rubina broke the law of his people since Albert married the women outside the classification of kinship system. His wife is considered from the wrong skin group.

Facts about Albert Namatjira 6: a camel driver

Due to the violation that he made in his group, he was ostracized in 1928. It made him work as a camel driver. But he could see a lot of parts in Central Australia. It gave him inspirations to depict the land in his paintings.

Albert Namatjira Pic

Albert Namatjira Pic

Facts about Albert Namatjira 7: watercolor

In his painting, he often used the watercolor painting which depicted the Australian outback desert landscape. He made it based on his experience. Get facts about aboriginal art here.

Facts about Albert Namatjira 8: Queen’s Coronation Medal

Due to his wonderful talents and painting, Namatjira got Queen’s Coronation Medal in 1953.

Albert Namatjira

Albert Namatjira

Facts about Albert Namatjira 9: Australian citizenship

Namatjira is also important in the development of Australian indigenous right movement.  He was the first aboriginal person who got Australian citizenship in 1957.

Facts about Albert Namatjira 10: death

On 8 August 1959, Namatjira passed away in Alice Springs because of the heat disease complicated by pneumonia.

Facts about Albert Namatjira

Facts about Albert Namatjira

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