10 Facts about Albert Pujols

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Facts about Albert Pujols give the details about the first basement for Los Angeles Angels in Major League Baseball.  He was a Dominican American player. He has a wonderful skill on the field. There is no need to wonder that he got nine times for MLB All-Star and 3 National League MPV awards when he played for the previous club, St Louis Cardinals. Find out more facts about this incredible player below:

Facts about Albert Pujols 1: full name and date of birth

Albert Pujols has the full name José Alberto Pujols Alcántara. He was born on 16 January 1980. But people recognize him more as Albert Pujols.

Facts about Albert Pujols 2: the early life

Pujols spent his childhood in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. He was the only child and was raised by his grandmother and 10 of his aunts and uncles.

Albert Pujols Baseball

Albert Pujols Baseball

Facts about Albert Pujols 3: Bienvenido Pujols

Bienvenido Pujols is his father who worked as a softball pitcher. But his father was very alcoholic.  The young Pujols had to take his father home after he get drunk a lot. When he grew up, he often practiced baseball. The milk carton was used for a glove, and limes for the balls.

Facts about Albert Pujols 4: immigration

The family of Pujols which include his grandmother, father and Pujols moved to America. They lived in New York City in 1996. But the family decided to move to Independence, Missouri after Pujols witnessed a shooting at a grocery store.

Albert Pujols Facts

Albert Pujols Facts

Facts about Albert Pujols 5: college baseball

Pujols had a great time when he was in the college baseball for one season. Due to his wonderful action, the Cardinals selected him in the 13th round for 1999 MLB draft.

Facts about Albert Pujols 6: a rookie

In 2001, Pujols was called as the rookie in Cardinals. He was called as the NL Rookie of the Year too.

Albert Pujols Image

Albert Pujols Image

Facts about Albert Pujols 7: contributions to Cardinals

He contributed 2 World Series Championship for Cardinals in 2004 and 2011.  This man played for 11 seasons in Cardinals. Get facts about Alan Shearer if you wnat to know the famous footballer.

Facts about Albert Pujols 8: a free agent

Pujols was a free agent after 2011 seasons. Then he decided to Los Angeles Angels for a 10 year contract.

Albert Pujols

Albert Pujols

Facts about Albert Pujols 9: a hitter

Pujols is famous as a hitter since he has great patience, hitting ability and raw power.

Facts about Albert Pujols 10: above average in career regular season

Pujols got the record for the walk rate at 12.1%, batting average at .317 and isolated power at .217.

Facts about Albert Pujols

Facts about Albert Pujols

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