10 Facts about Alberta

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Let me tell you about one of the interesting provinces in Canada in Facts about Alberta. Have you ever gone to Alberta before?   It is the western province of Canada. There are many amazing places that you can visit in Alberta. Tourism is one of the main incomes from this province. Get more facts about Alberta below:

Facts about Alberta 1: the population

Based on the data in 2011, Alberta was occupied by 3,645,257 people. The estimated population in 2014 for Alberta is 4,145,992 people. It is called as the most populous province in the three prairies provinces in Canada. But it takes the fourth position of the most populous province in this country.

Facts about Alberta 2: as a province

On 1 September 1905, Alberta was formed as a province in Canada. Jim Prentice is the recent premier in Alberta.

Alberta Facts

Alberta Facts

Facts about Alberta 3: boundary

Let’s find out the boundaries of Alberta. To the east, you can spot Saskatchewan.  You can also see US state of Montana to the south, Northwest Territories to the north and British Columbia to the west. This area of Alberta is landlocked.

Facts about Alberta 4: Edmonton

Do you know the capital city of Alberta? It is Edmonton. The main service hub and supply for oil sand and crude oil in Canada is located in this capital city.

Alberta Map

Alberta Map

Facts about Alberta 5: the largest city

Even though Edmonton is the capital city, it is not called as the largest city in Alberta. The largest one is Calgary. It is located 180 miles to the south of Edmonton. The population in Calgary and Edmonton is very high because both are included as two metropolitan areas in Alberta. Find out nice places in Facts about Albania.

Facts about Alberta 6: tourist destinations

The most popular tourist destinations in Alberta are Banff, Jasper, Sylvan Lake and Drumheller.

Alberta Milo

Alberta Milo

Facts about Alberta 7: the economy

The economy in Alberta is very strong. The main industry which supports the economy of Alberta is the petroleum industry. Technology and agriculture also contribute to the Alberta’s economy.

Facts about Alberta 8: what you can do in Alberta

There are many activities that you can do in Alberta. You can go camping, hiking, skiing and shopping. There are many international sporting competitions, professional athletic events, and outdoor festivals here.

Alberta Skyline

Alberta Skyline

Facts about Alberta 9: the natural interest

If you want to enjoy the nature of Alberta, you can go to Wood Buffalo National Park, Elk Island National Park, and Columbia Icefield. Get another interesting place in facts about Albany.

Facts about Alberta 10: Alberta’s Rocky Mountains

Alberta’s Rocky Mountains is one of the most popular places to visit. You can hike the trail here.

Facts about Alberta

Facts about Alberta

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