10 Facts about Alberto Giacometti

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Facts about Alberto Giacometti talk about the amazing printmaker, sculptor, and painter from Switzerland. He developed the interest of art since he was very young.  He came from the family with artistic background. Get more facts about Alberto in the below explanation:

Facts about Alberto Giacometti 1: life spans

Alberto Giacometti was born on 10 October 1901 in Borgonovo. It is located near the Italian Border, but it is included in the Swizz municipality of Stampa.  He passed away on 11 January 1966.

Facts about Alberto Giacometti 2: the family

Giacometti was the son of a notable post impressionist painter, Giovanni Giacometti. There were four children in the family and Alberto was the eldest child. His bothers Bruno and Diego also became artists.

Alberto Giacometti  Pic

Alberto Giacometti Pic

Facts about Alberto Giacometti 3: education

To pursue his dream as an artist, Alberto Giacometti went to Genoa School of Fine Arts. Alberto decided to live in Paris in 1922 because he wanted to study Antoine Bourdelle, the famous sculptor.

Facts about Alberto Giacometti 4: surrealist sculptor

Alberto Giacometti became one of the famous surrealist sculptors after he created many experiments with surrealism and cubism when he was in Paris. His surrealist colleagues include Picasso, Max Ernst, Balthus, Bror Hjorth and Miro.

Alberto Giacometti Art

Alberto Giacometti Art

Facts about Alberto Giacometti 5: human head

He was very interested to create sculpture on human head in 1936 till 1940. At that time, his works were focused on the sitter’s gaze.

Facts about Alberto Giacometti 6: model

The models that he used to create his arts are close to him. He preferred the models that he knew rather than a stranger. Therefore, his models include his sister and his fellow artist Isabel Rawsthorne. Now Isabel was known as Isabel Delmer.

Alberto Giacometti Facts

Alberto Giacometti Facts

Facts about Alberto Giacometti 7: the fame in the world

Giacometti was famous as an artist in the world after he got an award in 1962.  He got it for his sculpture located at Venice Biennale. Albert Namatjira facts tell you about aboriginal artist.

Facts about Alberto Giacometti 8: exhibitions

The popularity toward his works increased from time to time. There is no need to wonder that his works are displayed in various exhibitions in Europe.

Alberto Giacometti

Alberto Giacometti

Facts about Alberto Giacometti 9: Museum of Modern Art in New York

Even though Alberto’s health was not really good, he went to Museum of Modern Art in New York in 1965 for the exhibition of his works. Check out another artist in Albrecht Durer facts.

Facts about Alberto Giacometti 10: death

Alberto passed away because of heart disease and chronic bronchitis in 1966 in Switzerland.

Facts about Alberto Giacometti

Facts about Alberto Giacometti

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