10 Facts about Albertosaurus

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Facts about Albertosaurus tell you the unique information about one of T Rex’s notable cousins. The meaning of Albertosaurus is Alberta Lizard. It is included in the genus of tyrannosaurid theropod dinosaur. This big animal once lived in western North America in the era of Late cretaceous. It is around 70 million years ago. Find out more information about Albertosaurus below:

Facts about Albertosaurus 1: a predator

Albertosaurus is included as a predator. It has two fingered hands. The head is very big. The animal has sharp and large teeth. In the local ecosystem, it can be on the top of food chain.

Facts about Albertosaurus 2:  body size

Albertosaurus has a very large body compared to other members in theropod. But compared to Tyrannosaurus, it is smaller. The weight probably is less than 2 metric tons.

Albertosaurus  Image

Albertosaurus Image

Facts about Albertosaurus 3: detailed anatomy

The scientists find out the details about the anatomy of Albertosaurus because there are more than 30 individual of Albertosaurus have been found since the first discovery in 1984.

Facts about Albertosaurus 4: a pack behavior

Many scientists come into a conclusion that Albertosaurus may live in a pack? It is due to the facts that 26 Albertosaurus are found in one site. It gives the evidence that they may live in a pack.

Albertosaurus  Pic

Albertosaurus Pic

Facts about Albertosaurus 5: the length of Albertosaurus

The adult Albertosaurus can reach the length at 30 feet or 9 meter.  But compared to Tyrannosaurus and Tarbosaurus, they are smaller. The weight is around 1.3 tonnes till 1.7 tonnes.

Facts about Albertosaurus 6: body appearance

You can find some similarities for the body appearance of Albertosaurus and other tyrannosaurus.  It has a long tail with heavy head and torso. This animal is also bipedal. But it has some differences which can be seen on the small body size on the tyrannosaurus forelimbs.

Albertosaurus Facts

Albertosaurus Facts

Facts about Albertosaurus 7: the walking speed

Albertosaurus has the walking speed at 14 to 21 km per hour or 8 to 13 miles per hour. The younger one can reach higher running speed.

Facts about Albertosaurus 8: the skull

The skull of Albertosaurus is very big. It is incorporated with S shaped neck. In the largest adults, the length of the neck can reach 1 meter or 3.3 feet.

Albertosaurus Pic

Albertosaurus Pic

Facts about Albertosaurus 9: the name

Henry Fairfield Osborn is the person who named it Albertosaurus in his one page note that he made in 1905 Tyrannosaurus rex description. Find out another animal in Albatrosses facts.

Facts about Albertosaurus10: Barnum Brown

Barnum Brown discovered the partial Albertosaurus skull at Red Deer River in 1911.

Facts about Albertosaurus

Facts about Albertosaurus

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