10 Facts about Alcatraz

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Facts about Alcatraz tell you about the history of Alcatraz. This island is very famous in the world due to the strict prison. It is located near San Francisco. This prison in Alcatraz had been used to trap the tough prisoners. The rumor states that Alcatraz prison is haunted by the ghost. If you want to check out more facts about Alcatraz, check out the interesting post below:

Facts about Alcatraz 1: the home of the exotic animals

Before it was used as a prison, Alcatraz was home to some exotic animals. Most of them are extinct today.  Some animals in Alcatraz before included the American cheetah and short faced bear.

Facts about Alcatraz 2: the first installation of Military

In 1854, the first installation of military was established in Alcatraz. It was to protect the booming of the west. Another function of Alcatraz is seen when it is used to imprison the most hardened criminals.

Alcatraz  Prison

Alcatraz Prison

Facts about Alcatraz 3: the Alcatraz Island

The prison is located in Alcatraz Island. It has the total area of 22 acres. It has the height at 121 feet above the sea elevation. There are no sources of freshwater in the island.

Facts about Alcatraz 4: the animals

The animals which came to Alcatraz by swimming across the bay include the banana slugs, deer mice and slender salamanders.

Alcatraz Cell

Alcatraz Cell

Facts about Alcatraz 5: the eggs

When the Ohlone lived in the island, they wiped out all eggs in Alcatraz. They will hunt for the murre’s eggs because they are more costly compared to the eggs of chickens. They have flame colored yolks and bigger size.

Facts about Alcatraz 6: Mexican Governor Pio Pico

Mexican Governor Pio Pico granted the ownership of the island to Julian Workman in 1846. Next, John C. Fremont purchased the island in the price of $5,000. In 1848, the US government took the possession of the island.

Alcatraz Facts

Alcatraz Facts

Facts about Alcatraz 7: the barren island

The Island of Alcatraz was very barren. Therefore, there were 23,000 gallon wooden water tanks built in the island. The people also began to plant trees in 1854.

Facts about Alcatraz 8: military suppliers

During the civil war, there was no single shot in Alcatraz. But this island was a home of 5000 pounds of canons and guns.

Alcatraz Island facts

Alcatraz Island facts

Facts about Alcatraz 9: The Indian prisoners

In 1873, there were some Indian prisoners placed here. The civilian prisoners were transported to the island because of 1906 earthquake. They had to wait until the city jails could be restored after the earthquake. Find out another history in Akkadian facts.

Facts about Alcatraz 10: the largest steel reinforced concrete structure

The largest steel reinforced concrete structure in the world was built in Alcatraz. In 1912, the construction of three story cell house was completed.

Facts about Alcatraz

Facts about Alcatraz

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