10 Facts about Alcatraz Island

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Facts about Alcatraz Island talk about the island situated in San Francisco Bay. From San Francisco California, it is located 2.4 km or 1.5 miles offshore. The island was the home to a military prison, facilities of a lighthouse, a federal prison and a military fortification. Check out more facts about Alcatraz Island below:

Facts about Alcatraz Island 1: a group of aboriginal people

A group of aboriginal people spent their time for 19 months in the island starting in November 1969. This group came from San Francisco.

Facts about Alcatraz Island 2: National Historic Landmark

The island was listed in National Historic Landmark in 1986. In 1972, the island was used as a national recreation. People can enjoy and visit the island. Get more facts about Alcatraz here.

Alcatraz Island facts

Alcatraz Island facts

Facts about Alcatraz Island 3: National Park Service

National Park Service manages the facilities in the island.  The island is open for tours since the island is included as one of the destinations in Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

Facts about Alcatraz Island 4: ferry ride

If you want to visit Alcatraz Island, you can take ferry ride from Pier 33. You can pick the official ferry provider, Alcatraz Cruises.

Alcatraz Island Map

Alcatraz Island Map

Facts about Alcatraz Island 5: the prison site

When we talk about Alcatraz Island, we should never forget the abandoned prison.   You can also check out the early military fortification and oldest operating lighthouse on the west Coast. You can also enjoy a seabird colony here.

Facts about Alcatraz Island 6: the island’s size

Let’s talk about the size of island. It has the measurement at 41 meters during the main tide for the highest point. It has the total area at 8.9 ha or 22 acres.

Alcatraz Island Pic

Alcatraz Island Pic

Facts about Alcatraz Island 7: landmarks

There are various landmarks that you can enjoy when visiting Alcatraz Island. Some of them are the Dining hall, main cell house, ruins of the Warden’s House and Officers Club, Library, Building 64, Lighthouse, New Industries Building, Water Tower, Recreation Yard and Model Industries Building.

Facts about Alcatraz Island 8: Evil Island

The Native Americans believe that Alcatraz is a cursed island. Therefore, they always called it Evil Island.

Alcatraz Island

Alcatraz Island

Facts about Alcatraz Island 9: Juan Manuel de Ayala

In 1775, Juan Manuel de Ayala was the first Spaniard who documented the island. He called the island La Isla de los Alcatraces. The meaning is the Island of the Pelicans.

Facts about Alcatraz Island 10: a federal prison

Alcatraz was a home to a federal prison. It was used for 29 years. There were some notable prisoners here such as Robert Franklin Stroud, Al Capone, Rafael Cancel Miranda, Bumpy Johnson, George “Machine Gun” Kelly, and many more.

Facts about  Alcatraz Island

Facts about Alcatraz Island

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