10 Facts about Alchemy

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Facts about Alchemy tell you about the influential tradition that the practitioners do in the past. It is not easy to define the alchemy since it involves with the long history.  Some people think that the ability to transmute the simple metal to precious metals like gold or silver is included in alchemy. If you want to know more about alchemy, check out the following post below:

Facts about Alchemy 1: chrysopoeia

Chrysopoeia is the transmutation of the base metal into gold.  Other ostensible goals of alchemy are to discover a universal solvents and formation of a magic potion.

Facts about Alchemy 2: the practical application

Let’s find out the practical application of alchemy.  It contributes a lot to the development of physical sciences and medicine.

Alchemy Facts

Alchemy Facts

Facts about Alchemy 3: the father of chemistry

Do you know the father of chemistry? He was Robert Boyle. He was a great alchemist.

Facts about Alchemy 4: Isaac Newton

Does Isaac Newton have something to do with alchemy? Actually the study of alchemy has influenced the theory of gravity by Sir Isaac Newton.

Alchemy Ideas

Alchemy Ideas

Facts about Alchemy 5: the modern day chemical industries

If we talk about the chemical industries today, you can find a lot of chemicals sold in the stores.  Thanks to the alchemists who are never tired to do many experiments.

Facts about Alchemy 6: the industries

The industries affected by alchemists include the production of cosmetics, paints, ink, gunpowder, ceramics, and leather tanning. The preparation of liquor, glass manufacture and ore testing are affected by a lot by alchemists too.

Alchemy Images

Alchemy Images

Facts about Alchemy 7: Zosimos of Panopolis

Zosimos of Panopolis is one of the examples of the early alchemists in the world. He lived circa AD 300.  His work emphasized on the quest of alchemy.

Facts about Alchemy 8: the word alchemy

Can you guess the origin of the word alchemy? It was derived from the Old French word, alquemie or alkimie.  It is also taken from alchymia, the medieval word. Then it was derived from al-kimiya, the Arabic word. The meaning is philosopher’s stone.

Alchemy Pic

Alchemy Pic

Facts about Alchemy 9: the western alchemy

The beginning of the western alchemy can be seen in the city of Alexandria.  The ancient people would like to go to the city when they wanted to increase the alchemical knowledge. Absolute zero facts are important in chemistry too.

Facts about Alchemy 10: the oldest known book of alchemy

The oldest known book of alchemy was written by Zosimos of Panopolis.  The record of the first non fictitious western alchemist was Mary the Jewess.

Facts about Alchemy

Facts about Alchemy

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