10 Facts about Aldo Leopold

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Facts about Aldo Leopold present the detail about the American ecologist, author, scientist, forester, and environmentalist who was born on 11 January 1887.  His famous book with the title A Sand County Almanac published in 1949 was sold in more than 2 million copies. Find out more facts about him below.

Facts about Aldo Leopold 1: the influential figure

Aldo Leopold is called as one of the influential figures in the world.  His work influenced the movement of wilderness conservation and modern environmentalist ethics. When he was alive, he was a professor at University of Wisconsin.

Facts about Aldo Leopold 2: the wildlife management

The science of the wildlife management was founded by Aldo Leopold.  His works focused on the ecology and biodiversity.

Aldo Leopold Headstone

Aldo Leopold Headstone

Facts about Aldo Leopold 3: date of birth

He was born on 11 January 1887 in Burlington, Iowa. Carl Leopold was his father. He was a businessman who focused on the walnut desk. Clara Starker was her mother. Actually she was the first cousin of Carl Leopold.

Facts about Aldo Leopold 4: the first language

The first language of Aldo was not English but German. However, he could master English when he was still a kid.

Aldo Leopold Image

Aldo Leopold Image

Facts about Aldo Leopold 5: outdoor

His childhood time affected his later life. He spent a lot of time in outdoor areas when he was a kid. His father often took the kids to the woods and showed them about hunting and woodcraft. Aldo would like to spend most of his time outside the house to count and see the birds.

Facts about Aldo Leopold 6: the early education

Let’s find out the early education of Aldo Leopold. He went to Prospect Hill Elementary. Aldo was very smart. Then he went to Burlington High School.

Aldo Leopold Pictures

Aldo Leopold Pictures

Facts about Aldo Leopold 7: exploration

The children made an exploration when they were in Michigan. The family always had their vacation in Les Cheneaux Islands in Lake Huron. It enables them to see the land. Get Albert Camus facts to know another famous author.

Facts about Aldo Leopold 8: career

He worked as a forest assistant at Apache National Forest in Arizona Territory. Then he worked at Carson National Forest in Northern New Mexico in 1911.

Aldo Leopold

Aldo Leopold

Facts about Aldo Leopold 9: contributions

During his career in New Mexico, he had made a lot of contributions to the wild areas. He wrote fish handbook, management plan for Grand Canyon and Gila Wilderness Are.

Facts about Aldo Leopold 10: Professor of Game Management

Aldo Leopold was a professor of Game Management at University of Wisconsin in 1933.

Facts about Aldo Leopold

Facts about Aldo Leopold

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