10 Facts about Alessandro Volta

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The physician who was famous his battery invention is explained in Facts about Alessandro Volta. Volta invented battery in 1800s. He was an Italian man who was born on 18 February 1745. His full name is Alessandro Giuseppe Antonio Anastasio Volta. He passed away on 5 March 1827. Check out the interesting facts about Alessandro Volta below:

Facts about Alessandro Volta 1: date of birth

Alessandro Volta was born on 18 February 1745 in Como. It was a town located northern Italy.  The town is near the Swiss border.

Facts about Alessandro Volta 2: Teresa Peregrini

Talking about his personal life, Volta and Teresa Peregrini married in 1794. She was an aristocratic lady from Como. They had three sons. Those were Giovanni, Flaminio and Zanino.

Alessandro Volta Image

Alessandro Volta Image

Facts about Alessandro Volta 3: Filippo Volta

Filippo Volta was the father of Alessandro Volta. He was a nobleman. Donna Maddalena was his mother who was born from the Inzaghis.

Facts about Alessandro Volta 4: career

Alessandro Volta was very smart and intelligent. There is no need to wonder that he was appointed as a professor of physics at Royal School in Como in 1774.

Alessandro Volta Life Span

Alessandro Volta Life Span

Facts about Alessandro Volta 5: electrophorus

Electrophorus was a popular device that Volta introduced in 1775.  He improved the device to generate the static electricity. Check out another famous inventor in Ada Lovelace facts.

Facts about Alessandro Volta 6: the credit

He got the credit of this invention since his promotion for the device was very extensive. Actually there was a machine which had the similar base of operation. It was made by Johan Wilcke, a Swedish experimenter in 1762.

Alessandro Volta Pic

Alessandro Volta Pic

Facts about Alessandro Volta 7: H. B. de Saussure

H. B. de Saussure was a friend of Alessandro Volta. Both met when Volta went to Switzerland in 1777.

Facts about Alessandro Volta 8: Benjamin Franklin

The paper of Benjamin Franklin of America on the flammable air affected Volta a lot.  He performed a research and discovered methane. He was interested to study the chemistry of gases in 1776 and 1778.

Alessandro Volta

Alessandro Volta

Facts about Alessandro Volta 9: discovery

He discovered methane at Lake Maggiore in November 1776. He could isolate this gas in 1778. Another famous scientist is explained in Albert Einstein facts.

Facts about Alessandro Volta 10: electrical capacitance

Electrical capacitance was the idea of Volta when he tried to separate the charge and electrical potential.

Facts about Alessandro Volta

Facts about Alessandro Volta

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