10 Facts about Alessi

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If you want to know the famous kitchen utensil company from Italy, you have to check Alessi facts. The products that Alessi sells are the metal and plastic everyday items.  But all of them are designed by the notable designers. Get more facts about Alessi below:

Facts about Alessi 1: high end design

Alessi gets the fame as the notorious kitchen utensil company with high end design. They create the unique products to sell in the market.  The products often enjoy the post modern characters.

Facts about Alessi 2: the famous products

Some examples of the famous products from Alessi include the toothbrushes, kettle and graters. One of the notable designers is Philippe Starck.

Alessi Kettle

Alessi Kettle

Facts about Alessi 3: Giovanni Alessi

Giovanni Alessi was the founder of Alessi. This company was established in 1921. The company was settled with a simple workshop located in Valle Strona, Italy.

Facts about Alessi 4: Valle Strona

Valle Strona is a region in Italy famous for their production of small objects for kitchen made from metal or wood.

Alessi Pic

Alessi Pic

Facts about Alessi 5: the early production

Alessi began his firm by focusing on the production of tableware products such as chromium, nickel and silver plated brass. Producing the hand-crafted products using machine was the intension of Alessi Company in the past. Check out another famous company in facts about Aldi here.

Facts about Alessi 6: Carlo Alessi

Carlo Alessi was the son of Giovanni Alessi. He was born in 1916. He was trained as an industrial engineer and got his the position as the chief designer in Alessi Company.

Alessi Product

Alessi Product

Facts about Alessi 7: production of Alessi items

All Alessi items were virtually developed by Carlo Alessi in 1935 till 1945.  He also became the chief executive in 1945 and was responsible to design the coffee service.

Facts about Alessi 8: Alessi in 1950s

In 1950s and 1960s, Carlo Alessi was the leader of the company. In 1955, the company began to work with the famous designers after Ettore Alessi proposed this idea to his brother, Carlo Alessi.

Alessi Products

Alessi Products

Facts about Alessi 9: Alberto Alessi

Alberto Alessi was the leader of the company in 1970s and 1980s. There are many famous designers who made collaboration with Alessi such as Alessandro Mendini, Richard Sapper and Achille Castiglioni. Get facts about Alberto Alessi here.

Facts about Alessi 10: Alessi in 1990s till today

In 1990s till today, there are a lot of Alessi products created from plastic. This material is selected because it is very easy to work with.

Facts about Alessandro Volta

Facts about Alessandro Volta

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