10 Facts about Alex Gaskarth

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Facts about Alex Gaskarth talk about the famous singer and rhythm guitarist of All Time Low. This pop punk band is very famous in the world. Other members in the band include Jack Barakat, the guitarist, Rian Dawson, the drummer and Zack Merrick, the bassist. There are many things that you have to know about Gaskarth and his band by checking the following post below:

Facts about Alex Gaskarth 1: five albums

There are five albums which have been released by Gaskarth and his band All Time Low in 2005 till 2013. They are Nothing Personal, Dirty Work and Don’t Panic, The Party Scene and So Wrong, It’s Right.

Facts about Alex Gaskarth 2: cover version

Before Gaskarth was popular with his band All Time Low, he was a teenager who loved to make cover version of the punk songs. In 2004, he signed his record deal as a singer.

Alex Gaskarth All Time Low

Alex Gaskarth All Time Low

Facts about Alex Gaskarth 3: date of birth

Gaskarth was born on 14 December 1987 in England. His zodiac is Sagittarius.

Facts about Alex Gaskarth 4: EP

Gaskarth and his band mates made a debut with EP. The title is The Three Words to Remember in Dealing with the End. They had a deal with a record label Emerald Moon in 2004.

Alex Gaskarth Facts

Alex Gaskarth Facts

Facts about Alex Gaskarth 5: parents

His father is Peter Gaskarth, while his mother is Isobel Gaskarth.  He has a half brother and two half sisters.

Facts about Alex Gaskarth 6: All Time Low

Gaskarth is the member of the famous American pop punk band All Time Low.  In 2003, the band was formed. Gaskarth is the rhythm guitarist and vocalist of this band. Get facts about Akon here.

Alex Gaskarth Image

Alex Gaskarth Image

Facts about Alex Gaskarth 7: the name

The name of the band is very unique. Actually it was taken from a song with the title Head on Collision.

Facts about Alex Gaskarth 8: activity of the band

Gaskarth is very busy since his band has a lot of tours all year long.  You can also see him appearing in various music festivals.

Alex Gaskarth Picture

Alex Gaskarth Picture

Facts about Alex Gaskarth 9: Band of the Year

The Alternative Press magazine called All Time Low as the band of the year in December 2008.  The band was on the cover of this magazine in January 2009. Check another musician in Alan Jackson facts.

Facts about Alex Gaskarth 10: the recent activity

Can you guess the recent activity of Gaskarth? This man and his bandmates are working on their 6th studio album.

Facts about Alex Gaskarth

Facts about Alex Gaskarth

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