10 Facts about Alex Ovechkin

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Facts about Alex Ovechkin present the information about a professional ice hockey winger. He came from Russia and has his career as the captain of Washington Capitals. If you are interested to know more about Ovechkin, get the detail facts about him below:

Facts about Alex Ovechkin 1: full name and date of birth

Ovechkin was born with the full name Alexander Mikhailovich Ovechkin on 17 September 1985. His father is Mikhail Ovechkin. He was a former footballer player.  His mother is basketball player who won to 2 Olympics gold medals when she was in women’s basketball team of Soviet.

Facts about Alex Ovechkin 2: the future

When he was only two years old, Ovechkin grabbed a toy hockey and did not let it go when he went to a Soviet toy store. It was the first sign about his future.

Alex Ovechkin Facts

Alex Ovechkin Facts

Facts about Alex Ovechkin 3: a hockey game

Ovechkin developed his interest on a hockey since he was a kid. He dropped all of his toys and ran onto the TV when there was a hockey game. If the parents changed the channel, he would protest them.

Facts about Alex Ovechkin 4: an athlete

His parent realized that one day Ovechkin would become an athlete. Rather than using the elevator, he chose to access the steps to reach the 10th floor.

Alex Ovechkin Hockey

Alex Ovechkin Hockey

Facts about Alex Ovechkin 5: training

To become a great athlete, his parents sent him to the basketball court and soccer fields. The one who introduced him to hockey was his older brother Sergei. When he was 8 years old, Alex was enrolled in a hockey school.

Facts about Alex Ovechkin 6: postponing hockey

Since his parents were unable to take him to the rink, he has to stop playing hockey. Fortunately, one of his coaches supported him after he saw him on the rink. When Alex was 10 years old, his older brother Sergei died in a car accident.

Alex Ovechkin Pic

Alex Ovechkin Pic

Facts about Alex Ovechkin 7: HC Dynamo Moscow

Before he gained his fame in NHL, this man was a player in HC Dynamo Moscow. He did it in 2001 until 2005 for 4 seasons. He played of this club against after NHL Lockout in 2012 and 2013.

Facts about Alex Ovechkin 8: transferring to NHL

Ovechkin went to NHL in 2004-2006. Actually he had been drafted in 1004 NHL Entry Draft because of a lockout. He failed to compete in 2004-05 NHL.

Alex Ovechkin

Alex Ovechkin

Facts about Alex Ovechkin 9: Calder Memorial Trophy

He was appointed as a rookie of the year and won Calder Memorial Trophy in that season in NHL. He scored 54 assists and 52 goals. Check out another sport in Alabama football facts here.

Facts about Alex Ovechkin 10:2007-2008

The season in 2007-2008 was great for Ovechkin since he won Richard and Art Ross Trophies. He scored 112 points and 65 goals.

Facts about Alex Ovechkin

Facts about Alex Ovechkin

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