10 Facts about Alex Rider

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Facts about Alex Rider talk about a series of popular spy novel in the world. It has been adapted into movies. The writer of the novel is British. He is Anthony Horowitz. The novel tells you the life of a 14 or 15 year old boy who becomes a spy. His name is Alex Rider. Here are some facts about Alex Rider for you:

Facts about Alex Rider 1: the series

Alex Rider is the name of the main character in the series. There are 10 novels in this series. The author creates it for the young adults. You can also get 3 short stories, 4 graphic novels and a supplementary book. Find out another famous novelist in Alex Haley facts.

Facts about Alex Rider 2: Stormbreaker

The first novel of Alex Rider is Stormbreaker. In 2000, this novel was released in United Kingdom. The reception was great. In 2006, Alex Pettyfer starred as the main cast in this adapted movie as Alex Rider. In the similar year, the video game was released on the market. However, the movie got bad review.

Alex Rider Agent

Alex Rider Agent

Facts about Alex Rider 3: publisher

In United Kingdom, Walter Books published the novels.  In United States, the novels were firstly published by Puffin. But recently they are published by Penguin books and Philomel Books. Check out another character in Aladdin facts.

Facts about Alex Rider 4: the graphic novels

What about the publisher for the graphic novels? In United States, it is published by Philomel, while in UK, it is published by Walker.

Alex Rider Image

Alex Rider Image

Facts about Alex Rider 5: Russian roulette

Russian roulette is the tenth novel of Alex Rider. The readers can enjoy it now since it was released in September 2013. The author has great success with these novels.

Facts about Alex Rider 6: the story

The story is centered on Alex Rider. He is the main character. The British secret service recruited him as a spy after he discovered the assassination of his uncle.

Alex Rider Movie

Alex Rider Movie

Facts about Alex Rider 7: recruitment

After he was recruited by the British secret service, he went undercover as a scholar winning prize.  He wandered at Herod Sayle’s manufacturing plant located in Cronwall to find out the truth regarding to the rumor of virus. It was the story in the first novel of Alex Rider.

Facts about Alex Rider 8: Point Blanc

Point Blanc is the second novel of Alex Rider.  It was published in 2001 in UK, and 2002 in North America.

Alex Rider

Alex Rider

Facts about Alex Rider 9: other novels

Other novels include Skeleton Key, Eagle Strike, Scorpia, Ark Angle, Snakehead, Crocodile Tears and Scorpia Rising.

Facts about Alex Rider 10: short stories

You can also enjoy the short stories of Alex Rider such as Alex Rider: Christmas at Gunpoint and Alex Rider: Secret Weapon.

Facts about Alex Rider

Facts about Alex Rider

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