10 Facts about Alex Rodriguez

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Let me show you the professional baseball player in Facts about Alex Rodriguez. People often call him as A-Rod.  He is appointed as the third baseman for New York Yankees. In the past, he played for Texas Rangers and Seattle Mariners. Get more facts about him below:

Facts about Alex Rodriguez 1: date of birth

Alex Rodriguez was born on 27 July 1975 in Washington Heights section in New York City.   He came from a Dominican family.

Facts about Alex Rodriguez 2: moving

Before he lived in Miami Florida with his parents, they lived in Dominican Republic. At that time he was four when the parents moved to Florida.

Alex Rodriguez Facts

Alex Rodriguez Facts

Facts about Alex Rodriguez 3: favorite baseball players

Alex Rodriguez developed his interest of baseball by being fans of some famous baseball players.  He likes Dale Murphy, Keith Hernandez, and Cal Ripken.

Facts about Alex Rodriguez 4: a star

He became a star at school after he took part in the baseball team in Westminster Christian School in Florida.  Before he attended this school in Florida, he was at Christopher Columbus High School.

Alex Rodriguez Photo

Alex Rodriguez Photo

Facts about Alex Rodriguez 5: the junior year

His junior year as a baseball player was great.  He could be the high school national championship. He batted .419 with 90 steals in 100 games.

Facts about Alex Rodriguez 6: great score

Alex Rodriguez was a wonderful baseball player during his school year. He was selected as the Gatorade’s national baseball student athlete of the year and USA Baseball Junior Player of the Year due to his wonderful hitting and home run.

Alex Rodriguez Pic

Alex Rodriguez Pic

Facts about Alex Rodriguez 7: the greatest baseball player

Alex Rodriguez is called as one of the greatest baseball players of all time since he has wonderful record.

Facts about Alex Rodriguez 8: record

Let’s find out his record as a baseball player.  He is considered as one of the greatest players since he has amazing 654 home runs, .300 batting average, 2,939 hits, and 1,969 runs batted in RBIs in his 20 years of career as a baseball player.

Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez

Facts about Alex Rodriguez 9: awards

Do you know the awards and honors that Alex receives in his career? He collected 2 Gold Glove Awards, 10 Silver Slugger Awards, 3 MVP Awards and 14-time All Star. Find out another player in Albert Pujols facts.

Facts about Alex Rodriguez 10: controversy

Even though he has great career, he is involved with the usage of illegal drugs and lucrative contracts.

Facts about Alex Rodriguez

Facts about Alex Rodriguez

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