10 Facts about Alex Shearer

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If you are interested to know one of the famous British novelists, you need to check Alex Shearer facts. He was born on 25 June 1949.  His talent as a writer impressed people not only in Britain but also in other parts of the world. Let’s check more facts about him by reading the following post below:

Facts about Alex Shearer 1: TV scenario writer

Alex Shearer is not only a novelist, but he also works as a TV scenario writer.  There are more than 30 works that he had made since he was 29 years old.

Facts about Alex Shearer 2: a writer

Becoming a writer is not easy since you need to have high creativity and imagination. But Alex Shearer is very talented since he devoted himself as a writer for theater, movies, TV and radio for almost 14 years. Then he wanted to become a novelist.

Alex Shearer Book

Alex Shearer Book

Facts about Alex Shearer 3: The Dream Maker

The Dream Maker is his famous maiden work. It was published in 1992. There is no need to wonder that he was badged as a bestselling novelist due to his wonderful adventure novels for children.

Facts about Alex Shearer 4: genre

The genre of his works is various. In Britain, people recognize him as a young adult novelist.

Alex Shearer Bootleg

Alex Shearer Bootleg

Facts about Alex Shearer 5: genre division

On 2 February 2009, Alex Sharer was on a talk show in Ikebukuro bookstore. He stated that he did not like any genre division.

Facts about Alex Shearer 6: a series of novel

Actually Alex Shearer does not like to create a series of novel. He wants to create a new concept on a different novel rather than making a continuance. Check another in Alex Paton facts.

Alex Shearer Facts

Alex Shearer Facts

Facts about Alex Shearer 7: trivial events

Alex Shearer mostly focuses on trivial events on his novel. Probably it is due to the fact that he began his career as a scenario writer. There is no need to wonder that his novels have the setting at home.

Facts about Alex Shearer 8: “The Great Blue Yonder”

He states that he could finish “The Great Blue Yonder” in only three weeks. In a year, he finishes two books. Now there are 25 titles of published books.

Alex Shearer Image

Alex Shearer Image

Facts about Alex Shearer 9: The Speed of the Dark

The Speed of the Dark is one of his famous novels. It was shortlisted in Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize in 2003. Find facts about Alex Haley here.

Facts about Alex Shearer 10: TV film

BBC adapted The Greatest Store in the World in a TV movie. Other works of Alex Shearer include The Summer Sisters and the Dance Disaster (1997), The Crush (2003), Sea Legs (2003) and The Lost (2004).

Facts about Alex Shearer

Facts about Alex Shearer

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