10 Facts about Alexander Calder

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Facts about Alexander Calder give the interesting information about the American sculptor. You can call his stationary sculptures as stabiles.  This man actually is also famous as the originator of a mobile.  He used the motor power or air current to move the kinetic sculpture. Let’s find out more facts about Alexander Calder in the following post below:

Facts about Alexander Calder 1: a miniature circus

His works are used for a miniature circus too. He created different kinds of wire figures.

Facts about Alexander Calder 2: date of Birth

Alexander Calder was born on 22 July 1898 in Lawton Pennsylvania.  His full name is Alexander Sandy Calder.

Alexander Calder Pic

Alexander Calder Pic

Facts about Alexander Calder 3: father and mother

His father actually is also a famous sculptor. His works can be seen in Philadelphia.  He also created numerous public installations. His mother was a professional portrait artist. Her name is Nanette.

Facts about Alexander Calder 4: grandfather

It seems that he came from an art family since his grandfather is also a sculptor. His name is Alexander Milne Calder who was born in Scotland. In 1868, he immigrated to Philadelphia. You can see his magnificent statue on the top of the Philadelphia City Hall’s Tower of William Penn here.

Alexander Calder Public Place

Alexander Calder Public Place

Facts about Alexander Calder 5: posing nude

It is quite surprising to know that Sandy Calder was willingly to pose nude for the sculpture of his father in 1902. The title is The Man Cub. You can see it at Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Find out facts about Albrecht Durer here.

Facts about Alexander Calder 6: the first studio

Calder’s first studio is located in the windowed cellar of the family’s home.  He created jewelry and bead for the sister’s dolls using the scraps of copper wire that he found on the streets.

Alexander Calder Sclupture

Alexander Calder Sclupture

Facts about Alexander Calder 7: the Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena

The Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena affected the work of Alexander Calder. He was inspired by the horse chariot race on the tournament held on 1 January 1907. He used the event on the finale of wire circus shows. Get facts about Alex Katz here.

Facts about Alexander Calder 8: education

Talking about his education, he went to Germantown Academy and Cronton on Hudson, New York.

Alexander Calder Facts

Alexander Calder Facts

Facts about Alexander Calder 9: kinetic wooden push and pull toys

Alexander Calder created some kinetic wooden push and pull toys when he came back to United States in 1927. This toy is very unique and produced by Gould Manufacturing Company.

Facts about Alexander Calder 10: Berkshire Museum

If you want to know the original version of the toys, you can go to Pittsfield, Massachusetts and visit Berkshire Museum.

Facts about Alexander Calder

Facts about Alexander Calder

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