10 Facts about Alexander II

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If you want to know the king of Scots, you need to read Facts about Alexander II. This man became the Kings of Scots in 1214 until his death on 6 July 1249. Before he was the king, he spent most of his time living in England. Find out more facts about Alexander II below:

Facts about Alexander II 1: date of birth

Alexander II was born on 24 August 1198 in Haddington, East Lothian. His father was King William the Lion. He was the son of this Scottish king.

Facts about Alexander II 2 becoming a king

He became a king of Scots after the death of his father on 4 December 1214. Alexander II spent more of his time in England. In 1213, he was knighted by John of England at Clerkenwell Priory.  On 6 December 1214, he was crowned as the king at Scots.

Alexander II Coin

Alexander II Coin

Facts about Alexander II 3: rebellion

A year after he became a king of Scots, there was a rebellion. They wanted to take over the crown of Scots.  But it was confirmed that the rebellion was suppressed.

Facts about Alexander II 4: John of England

Alexander II supported and joined the English barons to fight against John of England. To support the barons, an army was sent to the Kingdom of England. The forces of John had to move north because of this action.

Alexander II Coins

Alexander II Coins

Facts about Alexander II 5: Prince Louis of France

In September 1216, Alexander II and his Scottish gave respect to Prince Louis of France. Actually he was a pretender picked by the barons to replace the king.

Facts about Alexander II 6: the loyalty

Since King John passed away, the loyalty of English aristocracy and Pope went on his son, Henry. He was only 9 years old at that time. Then, they made the Scottish and French armies come back to their home.

Alexander II of Scots

Alexander II of Scots

Facts about Alexander II 7: treaty of Kingston

The treaty of Kingston marked the peace between Alexander II, The French Prince and Henry III. It was signed in 12 September 1217. Find out another figure in Aleister Crowley facts.

Facts about Alexander II 8: reconciliation

The reconciliation between Henry II and Alexander II was strengthened when Joan of England, the sister of Henry married to Alexander II. The conflict still continued and resulted with Treary of York.

Alexander II Movie

Alexander II Movie

Facts about Alexander II 9: the second wife

In March 1238, Joan of England died. Alexander II remarried with Marie de Coucy on 15 May 1239. In 1241, both had a son named Alexander III.

Facts about Alexander II 10: death

Alexander II died in 1249 because he had fever on the way to Isle of Kerrera.  He was buried Melrose Abbey, Roxburghshire. His throne was passed to his only son, Alexander III.

Facts about  Alexander II

Facts about Alexander II

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