10 Facts about Alexander Kerensky

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If you want to know one of the notable political leaders before 1917 Russian Revolution, you have to check Facts about Alexander Kerensky. This man is also famous as a lawyer.   His party is called trudoviks. It is a moderate socialist party. Find out more facts about Kerensky below:

Facts about Alexander Kerensky 1: date of birth

Kerensky was born on 2 May 1881 in Simbirsk on Volga River. Today Simbirsk is known as Ulyanovsk. He died on 11 June 1970. His full name is Alexander Fyodorovich Kerensky.

Facts about Alexander Kerensky 2: Minister of Justice

One of his great positions in Russia is Minister of Justice. He sat as the minister after the February Revolution. Then he took the position as Minister of War in May.  Then he became the second Prime Minister in July.  During the October Revolution, he had to give up his position since it was overthrown by the Bolsheviks.

Alexander Kerensky Facts

Alexander Kerensky Facts

Facts about Alexander Kerensky 3: exile

He died at the age of 89 in New York City.  He was in exile in the remainder of his life.

Facts about Alexander Kerensky 4: parents

Fyodor Kerensky was his father. He worked as director of local gymnasium and a teacher. His mother was Nadezhda. She came from a Russian German nobleman family, while father is from a Russian orthodox priest family.

Alexander Kerensky Images

Alexander Kerensky Images

Facts about Alexander Kerensky 5: rumor

There was a rumor about his root. Some people speculate that he had a Jewish root. However, the rumor is not true. Get facts about Alexander Hamilton here.

Facts about Alexander Kerensky 6: his father

As I have stated before, Kerensky’s father was a teacher.  One of his students is Vladimir Ulyanov. Therefore, the members of Ulyanov and Kerensky were friends.

Alexander Kerensky Pic

Alexander Kerensky Pic

Facts about Alexander Kerensky 7: education

The family moved to Tashkent when Alexander was only 8 in 1889. His father got the position as primary inspector in public schools. In 1899, Kerensky graduated from the school. Then he studied history and philology at St Petersburg University. Check facts about Alex Salmond here to know another politician.

Facts about Alexander Kerensky 8: major

In the following years after he was enrolled in the university, he changed his major in law. In 1904, he got his degree in law.

Alexander Kerensky Pictures

Alexander Kerensky Pictures

Facts about Alexander Kerensky 9: marriage

Olga Lvovna Baranovskaya was the daughter of a Russian General.  Kerensky married her in 1904. Then he became a defense lawyer.

Facts about Alexander Kerensky 10: fame

Alexander Kerensky was famous because his published article of Lena Minefields Incident. He visited this goldfield located at Lena River in 1912.

Facts about Alexander Kerensky

Facts about Alexander Kerensky

Are you impressed with facts about Alexander Kerensky?

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